This Lavazza espresso machine blends art and science to give you a unique brewing experience!

Lavazza is an Italian coffee products manufacturer that is known worldwide and has been winning at the game since 1895. I have personally had Lavazza coffee in five cities across the globe and it tastes the same everywhere which is probably why it could build such a strong worldwide presence – and it always tastes perfect! The brand organized a competition for espresso machine designs for 2022 and it was the team that came second that caught our eye because of how modern and unusual their espresso machine looks!

GRID-Espresso gets its name from its structure which looks like different parts of the coffee machine are being held up by grid lines. It reminds me of scaffolding in Manhattan that actually looked artistic instead of obtrusive and GRID-Espresso embodies the same vibe. If you own or have seen an espresso machine, it is rare that you will see each part for its function because it has all been integrated into one compact and opaque machine – no fun. With GRID-Espresso, you can actually see the grinder, the water tank, and the brewing parts as three distinct physical levels of the process. It is a manual machine and gives you the chance to enjoy a tactile experience when you brew your specialty coffee, take a look at the detailed parts of the machine and process in the pictures below.

The design itself is like art – it is inspired by Piet Mondrian’s color blocking pieces that also show clear black gridlines as well as the set up of a chemistry lab apparatus. That is exactly why GRID-Espresso is so unique and draws you in because it doesn’t look like its peers and blends art + science like coffee + cream. The water tank is made from fumed glass which gives it a mysterious look and the majority of the machine has a matte black finish making it super sleek. The copper and French oak accents add warmth to the overall aesthetic which also gives it a high-end feel. GRID-Espresso is a one-of-a-kind manual espresso machine that doubles up as a collectible piece for your home, it makes me want to quit everything and become a barista!

Designers: Fadi Yachoui, Georges Saghbini, Volkan Dogan

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