Apple’s new iPhone 12 concept shatters barriers with an Apple watch-inspired secondary display!

No other company’s launch creates a buzz as much as Apple – love it, hate it, but you just can’t ignore it! Promised to launch as soon as September 2020, the internet is already abuzz with rumors about the upcoming iPhone 12 – with most renders showing a throwback to metallic chamfered edges made popular in the iPhone 4 or the iPad Pro. We also hear this design will be Apple’s next major update since the 2017 Apple X – how can that be? Let’s look at designer Furkan Kasap’s concept that has left us excited yet confused!

The iPhone 12 retains the dreaded notch that was established with the iPhone X – and while we look for changes in the screen of the phone, Furkan’s concept makes us look at the camera notch in a whole new way and how! Firstly, the camera bump comes with 4 lenses now (maybe the macro lens is finally coming to the iPhone!) and doubles up as an instant notification panel. The UI of this notification panel borrows heavily from the well established and tested UI that the Apple Watch carries – showing everything from app notifications, widgets, and even your health statistics. We have seen conceptual tech showcasing a glass panel that doubles as a touchscreen, this would be the first commercial implementation of this technology, but one thing we know – if Apple actually does this, most of the newer models are soon to follow suit. The coolness factor of this design aside, the mini-display can help extend the battery life by reducing our dependency on the home screen to check our notifications. It can also double up as minimal time and date display, helping all of us who actually use our phone to check the time without getting distracted by the gazillion notifications that keep catching our attention!

Apple’s philosophy is to usually have a series of incremental changes in the design unless there is a flagship launch where they redefine their parameters of a smartphone. So maybe this concept is not ready for the iPhone 12 but I can surely see Apple experimenting with the camera module – from making it detachable Go-Pro style camera to this rendition by Furkan, which can actually be taken to the next level by making it detachable and that module doubles up as an Apple watch when worn with a trendy strap. Now that’s an iPhone I would gladly shed $1099 to buy!

Designer: Furkan Kasap

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