Find Beauty In A Router

Router is the most mundane of your computer peripheral and the poor gadget hardly ever gets noticed. Most of the time it is callously placed on top of the CPU or stacked behind the monitor. In this modern wireless age, when we have so many creative heads bringing us upbeat tech, it’s a pleasure to see someone turn the eyesore to an object `d art. The Occipiter incorporates some amazing finishing like brushed aluminum with inlay wood and a magnesium alloy chassis. Moreover, the side panels are inspired by the Fuego Grill.
The Occipiter is one wireless router that you won’t mind flaunting, I’m sure it will blend in perfectly with the décor.

Designer: Michael Laut


  • matt says:

    you kidding me……

  • who says:

    the metal will cumber the signal, it’s terrible, and wood can not fireproofing! so in the professional gateway manufacture, there are terrible materials use in this product!

  • xonegon says:

    if you’re wanting to get you certificate (CE) this is a class 2 device, witch means no possible way of getting to the eletronics or so (while you have holes in your casing) another test is when set on fire it must stop burning in 5sec, so with the wood…
    nice concept thow

    • pepinthewicked says:

      CE is required for devices that plug directly into the wall. Most routers use an AC-DC transformer so the device itself doesn’t always need UL or CE certification.

  • Lamah says:

    On top of what people have mentioned already, I do not think that the style is a significant step up from some of the router designs already available. There are “fashion routers” :).

  • Eric says:

    Agreed, there are already some atractive routers out there. Just look harder than people! Lol!

  • powers says:

    It’s a good start. I’ve definitely done some sketching on this topic myself.

  • Anthony says:

    Check out this router design :

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