This transparent face mask means you stay safe without compromising your communication

I’ll be honest… we’re wearing these opaque fabric face masks that prevent us from smiling at people or talking to them (we aren’t hugging or hi-fiving anyone either), but all this is in the interest of coming together as a community and species to stay safe. Sounds like a very weird trade-off. These masks can often be the difference between life and death, but here’s the caveat – they absolutely erode the very social fabric that makes our species such a socially strong bunch. Masks end up shrouding your identity, your emotions, and your intentions… and the Civility mask wants to usher a change in mask design that helps you breathe healthy, clean air while retaining our social micro-behaviors to help us be better, kinder, friendlier humans. The Civility mask, named after the very aspect of human behavior, it’s trying to help portray, comes with a uniquely innovative transparent design that shifts the air-filters from the front to the side in a bid to deliver clean air to you, but without concealing your face.

Designed in France, the Civility mask sports a design that embraces safety without compromising on aesthetics. Its defining feature is its transparent shield on the front, made from a lightweight, resistant glass that provides a crystal-clear view of your face. Air filters on each side help deliver 98% pure air directly to your mouth and nose, while also allowing exhaled air to pass through so that your mask doesn’t fog up. An innovative TPE ring around the mask ensures an air-tight seal that works universally across multiple face-shapes and even on people with beards.

On the aesthetic front, the Civility mask comes in a variety of styles with color combos, options for tinted glass shields, and even patterned face-straps. The face-straps come with adjustable buckles that allow you to tighten or loosen the mask based on your comfort, and their wraparound design ensures a secure fit while allowing you to wear a mask for long without facing any strain or fatigue with prolonged wearing. Its desirable aesthetic is also environmentally conscious, by design. Created as a mask you’d want to own, wear, and show off everywhere you go, the Civility mask is designed to be infinitely reusable, with a disposable filter system that allows you to retain the mask body and simply switch out the filtration sheets every 12 hours (the mask comes with a 1 month pack or a 3 months pack for the Air Premium one). The two circular valves on each side of the mask unscrew off to reveal the swappable EN 14683 / ASTM F2100-19 standard filters that help trap 98% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, helping form a line of defense against pollutants, microorganisms, and even microparticles like pollen, keeping you safe from dust, diseases, and allergies. The disposable filters help drastically cut down on the amount of environmental waste generated by PPE every month as a result of the pandemic, and the masks themselves can easily be sanitized with any 70° alcohol solution (the glass shield is non-reactive, so it shouldn’t be a problem)… conversely, the mask can be placed in a dishwasher for thorough cleaning too.

The shift to transparent masks, a feat being kickstarted and propagated by Civility, could have a noticeable positive on our society. Aside from providing us with healthy, clean air, the masks could help us socialize and bond with humans better, allowing us to smile at people, or communicate effectively by allowing them to read our lips as we speak, all being done from a safe distance! Besides, the fact that I can use face-unlock on my phone while wearing my transparent mask is also a pretty nifty added benefit!

Designer: Civility

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Civility – Next Gen Transparent Mask

A French startup launches Civility, a transparent face mask that helps you breathe clean air while retaining our social micro-behaviors to help us be better, kinder, friendlier humans.

Founder Pierre Blondon combined the efforts of an international team of 14 designers (including France, Italy, Russia, Senegal, Mexico…) and 15 French engineers to produce a 100%-Made-in-France product. The result is the Civility Mask, a lightweight, easy to use, comfortable transparent face mask for family members, care-givers, sportspeople, hospitality and tourism workers.

First Prototypes

These are the first functional prototype. The design, the materials and the finishes will be upgraded.

Secure & Futureproof

Airtight – The Thermo-Plastic Elastomer (TPE) seal suits any type of faces giving you an optimal airtight of 98%: there is almost no inputs and outputs between the outside and the inside of your mask. This particularity limits the probability to breathe and expire unfiltered air in order to protect you and the others.

Filteration – Their high-performance filters are governed by the standard: EN 14683 / ASTM F2100-19: they filter 98% of 0,3 microns particles. Breathability: less 40 Pa/cm².

Replaceable Filters – Features an easily-interchangeable filter, each of which has a 12-hour lifespan.  The mask is eco-friendly: a wipe with a 70-percent alcohol solution (hand sanitizer) does the job; no need to put it in the dishwasher. And, the Civility Mask can last for years.

Lightweight – It is adjustable to fit any head size and weighs half as much as a smartphone, thus making it comfortable and easy to wear all-day.

Click Here to Buy Now: $39 $44 (10% off). Hurry, less than 72 hours left! Raised over $200,000.