Stackable planters allow you to create a modular ecosystem within your home

My greatest pleasure, and also my greatest regret, is coming across designs that make me go “Why didn’t I think of that?” Chris Ference’s Elevated Planter is one of those designs.

The Elevated Planters are a series of planters with toothed bases. Made from anodized aluminum, these planters can easily be stacked one above the other, simply by getting the teeth/grooves on the base of one planter to lock onto the upper rim of another planter. The metal construction ensures a secure, strong fit, and the modular nature of the Elevated Planters allow you to build yourself a vertical jungle, so you can expand your garden without requiring a large space for multiple planters. The metallic planters come in a variety of sizes and colors too, giving you the freedom to mix and match your set, based on the plants you have (or intend to buy/grow). The grooves on the base of the planter allow you to explore a variety of arrangements, and you can even stack them on the edge, so that the upper pots don’t end up obstructing the growth of plants in the lower pots. Each Elevated Planter even comes with a drainage hole at the base along with a rubber plug to block it off, just in case you keep planters indoors.

The Elevated Planters were developed as a personal concept while Chris was practicing model-making using cardboard and paper. The concept evolved further as he began sketching and exploring forms, concepts, layouts, and details. Chris is currently working with a sheet metal manufacturer to bring the Elevated Planters to life.

Designer: Chris Ference