Instant Insulin You Can Wear

Even though insulin pumps are considered a more effective and easier treatment for those with type 1 diabetes, only 20% of adults use them because the device must be worn at all times. Many opt for the painful daily injection instead. MOVE is an insulin pump designed for a more active lifestyle, shaping to the wearers body in a more comfortable, discreet way. Placeable on any part of the body, it’s less noticeable to the wearer so they can live the active lifestyle they deserve! See how it works autonomously —>

Designers: Lina Trulsson

MOVE insulin pump from Lina Trulsson on Vimeo.


  • Quintin Smits says:

    A member of my family has been doing these ‘painfull’ (you don’t really feel them, very small needles) injections 4 times a day for 27 years. She just got an insulin pump a couple of weeks ago.

    She can wear hers anywhere on her body: the little hose is long enough so that she can comfortably wear it on her arm while the insulin is being injected into her abdomen.

    These integrated glucose sensors are also already in development for future versions of these pumps.

    This doesn’t seem so new or revolutionary to me…?

    They could have hired a couple of people to design a better looking device and more user friendly menu interface, though… That really is something this concept appears to do better.

  • Lina says:

    Hi Quintin!

    I totally agree that the technical part of the concept is not new and revolutionary, but that was not the focus of my project. The pumps are very well developed technically actually, but the problem is that there are different systems (companies) for everything today, and in this concept I have shown a possible way of combining them to make it easier for the user in their every day life. And I agree that the “painful” injections, is not really painful, I´ve tried it, and it´s not too bad (not my words in the text above, painful was something that yankoo added…) But the reason for doing the project is to get more people to choose a pump treatment instead of the daily injections, when it is considered to be a better treatment for many.

    But the focus in this project is mainly to find a way to wear the pump on the body when you have a active lifestyle and need to place the pump on different locations due to what activity you are doing… Today there are different accessories for different parts of the body, I wanted to get away from this and just have one accessory that you could use on different parts of the body. Also the shape of the product was a big focus, where I wanted the pump to follow the body in a better way and therefore be more discreet for the user. Please let me know if you have any questions 🙂

    //Lina Trulsson

  • Mnp says:

    I am 34 and have been a diabetic since I was 10. I wore a pump for several years as an adult but ultimately found it to be too cumbersome to continue using. This is a brilliant concept. I would love to see integration with a smartphone.

    Also, my 9 year old daughter has just been diagnosed with type 1 as well and she can attest that while the pain of shots is manageable it is certainly present and quite difficult on children in particular.

  • Graham says:

    I’ve been a diabetic for 40 years and on a pump for 10 years. I love this concept even if I am not an active person, I like its size, and if it is giving me readings of sugar without another probe in me, i want one. I find the existing pump to cumbersome, especially when I gym, and also when I sleep. It hurts when I lie on it. Bring it on. Cant wait.

  • Tony says:

    I have diabetics too.. I would like to use your product, it is very easy to carry it with us. Tell me what it costs?

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