This Knuckle-ring citrus-juicer lets you make lemonade like a gangster

Don’t get any ideas, tough guy, the only thing this Ring Juicer is meant to threaten is your Vitamin C deficiency. Designed by Object Rights, a quirky design studio based out of New York and Istanbul, the Ring Juicer is a ceramic wearable that fits on your fingers, allowing you to pummel the juice out of a lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit, or tangerine (add your own citrus fruit to the list). Available in multiple colors, the Ring Juicer adds a fun, almost sadistic element of interaction as you literally get to torturously extract the juices out of your fruit of choosing (I believe it’s pretty effective), and when you’re done, it sits neatly on its flat surface, adding a bit of visual zing to your kitchen worktop.

Designer: Object Rights