These 3D-printed TWS earbuds were designed to provide incredible sound and a perfect fit

There’s a reason the guitar or the violin is shaped the way it is. That hollow chamber is what makes the acoustic guitar sound like one (and that’s why electric guitars don’t need acoustic chambers) – the air within the chamber vibrates when you pluck a string, causing resonance, amplifying the sound, almost like cupping your hands in front of your mouth to help amplify your voice. That strategy works for audio everywhere. It’s why subwoofers are big and boxy, and why bigger phones usually have better speakers (because they have audio chambers built into them).

It’s just physically difficult to make smaller, sleeker audio devices sound as good as larger ones, but a clever trick would be to very innovatively use that resonance chamber. That’s sort of the principle behind the Lytte HarmoniQ’s design. The TWS earphones’ unique shape comes with a specially designed 3D acoustic chamber that helps make the audio sound richer, with better, more distinct basslines… while also helping reduce sound distortion as well as providing organic noise isolation of up to -35 db, allowing it to rival the Airpods Pro’s active noise cancellation tech just through its ergonomic design.

The amount of careful consideration built into the Lytte HarmoniQ is truly remarkable. Each earphone casing is meticulously 3D printed using DLP printing tech (a feature that allows it to have that unique acoustic chamber shape) and hand-polished to look as remarkable as it does. Just like most smart earphones, the Lytte HarmoniQ support iOS as well as Android integration, with the ability to tap, double-tap, and long-press to control music playback as well as smartphone functions (including summoning the phone’s voice AI). Bluetooth 5.0 ensures a robust wireless connection, allowing you to walk around the room with your phone a few feet away from you without any impact on quality or latency, and an IPx4 waterproof rating helps make the earphones impervious to sweat or drops of water, so you could exercise in the Lytte HarmoniQ just fine. In fact, its silicon ear tips help secure the earphones carefully in your ear canal, so they don’t accidentally drop out like AirPods often do.

The Lytte HarmoniQ earphones (pronounced ‘lit harmonic’ if you’re still wondering) come with a robust charging case that gives it an overall 35 hours of playback. Designed to be a more audio-conscious pair of wireless earphones, the Lytte HarmoniQ focuses all its attention on nailing the details and getting the features right. The compact 3D printed form helps not only ensure a proper fit, it actually positively impacts the sound quality, making the Lytte HarmoniQ rival the sound of earphones from audio giants like Sennheiser or Bang and Olufsen. Minimal audio distortion and passive noise-canceling help sweeten the deal, making the earphones a good pick for people who are audio connoisseurs, while features like IPx4 water resistance, Bluetooth 5.0, and that 35-hour battery life give you exactly everything you’re looking for in a pair of smart, truly wireless in-ear audio devices.

Designer: HarmoniQ Labs

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Lytte HarmoniQ is the world’s first 3D printed Hi-Fi wireless acoustic earbuds

Thousands of 3D scans and modeling were done to find the right ergonomic design for comfortable daily use.

The 3D printed acoustic shape eliminates sound distortion and provides excellent passive noise cancellation (-15dB noise attenuation).

IPX4 water and dust resistant with embedded microphone and voice assistance functions.

Durable materials for rigidity to deliver a controlled sound resonance with low distortion, and to prevent deteriorates over time.

Combined with a Dynamic Speaker, it produces a spacious sound staging and a distinctive tonal balance; beautiful treble with exceptional clarity, warm vocal, and deep richness of heavy bass.

Lytte HarmoniQ Reviews

Feature Highlights

Total Harmonic Distortion – A low THD means the output audio signal has low distortion compared to the input, so the audio signal is as close to the original sound as possible. The Lytte HarmoniQ distortion is very low and virtually undetectable.

Left-Right Sound Consistency – Due to our uniquely precise 3D printing, every Lytte HarmoniQ earphone is essentially identical, achieving a consistent and synchronized playback with over 98% accuracy. Leaving only the slightest margin of variation in low-frequencies most of us can’t register.

Click Here to Buy Now: $109 $229 (52% off). Hurry, only 13/50 left!