Scooter Designs that give your daily commute that much-needed upgrade

Versatile, stylish yet sleek, scooters are often hailed as the solution to current traffic woes! Add to this the updated electric scooters and we have, literally a solution to our energy problems. Scooters, in order to be taken seriously as an alternative and planet-friendly mode of transport, they need to shine above their current status of high-tech toys and to do just that, we bring you our curated collection of scooter designs that showcase powerful designs packaged as this humble two-wheeler.

Stator electric scooter designed by Nathan Allen of Stator

The Motorrad Concept Link by BMW

Wooden Scooter by Martin Beinhauer

‘PAL’, smart electric scooter by LAYER for NIO Global 

Scrooser Electric Scooter by Jens Thieme of Scrooser

Q-SCOOTER by Robert Bronwasser for QWIG