Double Trouble

Tenderizing meat is quite an important step in cooking, however it requires quite a bit of muscle to do it right. The Tender delivers double the punch with every bash, making your job easier. The serrated roller has glass balls inside the column to energize the blow. Tackle your meat in smart way!

Designer: Gavin Reay of And-Design for Uutensil

[youtube: 600 451]


  • eno says:

    who the heck tenderizez meat these days?
    well it looks good and most likely works….

  • ThePaul says:

    Neat. It’s a deadfall tenderizer. My only question is, why hasn’t anyone thought to do this before? Kind of brilliant, this idea is.

  • pilif12p says:

    I see a very dangerous risk of cross contamination.

  • Mike Barnard says:

    The design implies simple mechanical force is somehow insufficient to break down sinews and tendons in meat, as if it is a harder task than it really is. Further, the roller action assumes that people want to get meat bits and blood rolled into their palms and fingers.

    This is solving a non-problem while creating new problems, albeit in an interesting way.

    The question is whether this is a design that will turn into a niche product. Given time and marketing, my belief is that while it is fundamentally inutile, that it could easily find a profitable niche.

    Good design or bad? Depends on your perspective.


  • Alex says:

    wouldn’t it tend to tenderize your hands as much as or even more than the meat?

  • Jeremy says:

    I’d rather use a hammer. that way my hands wouldn’t get dirty and it requires less energy

  • mechi says:

    I would try to use it as a lemon squeezer, which isnt good due to contamination of raw meet and a fruit.

  • mechi says:

    i think so too. looks like a lemon squeezer

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