Made of 45% bio-based material, this solar phone charger imitates a sunflower!

Everyone loves a bunch of pretty flowers and sunflowers are one of my favorites, I do wonder why I haven’t received any. Guess XD Design felt the same since sunflowers were the inspiration for their ‘Sunshine Solar Charger’. Yes, the charger looks like a bunch of sunflowers facing towards the sun, and they do so because they make use of solar energy and not electricity to charge your phones!

Equipped with a 25000mAh rechargeable lithium battery that stores all that sun-sourced energy, the solar charger transfers it to your mobile device or tablet, boosting them up with some juice. Integrated solar panels at the center of the flowers and an impressive resound material combination make this charger like no other.

However, things get even more ‘greener’ if I may say so! Created using 45% bio-based material derived from plants instead of oil, the manufacturing process behind the Sunshine Solar Charger is pretty eco-friendly too. The biomaterial of choice was corn residue, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 35% as compared to products derived from plastic. Seems like sustainability was a priority in designing and planning every aspect of the Sunshine Solar Charger. Resembling a bouquet of beautiful sunflowers, this solar charger is sure to add some floral fun to your desk!

Designer: XD Design