Picture Perfected

What if you are all alone hanging up pictures in your room? Yes, getting them leveled and at precise angles is a cause of worry. But then, if you have tools like the LEVELER to help you, then how can you go wrong! The concept allows you to single handedly hang pictures and that too leveled.

It is enough to put the LEVELER on an upper corner of the frame to show the level of deviation to us. By turning the frame to the correct direction, we will level it out. For adjusting a frame using a LEVELER one person is only needed. The color contrast and sign have been designed for more convenient use. The unit has 2 signs, which enable it to be used on both the left and the right corners of a frame. LEVELER designed only for 1-pin frames.

Designer: Amination (Amin Saadat)


  • Farshad says:

    hmmmm … fine

  • Amination says:

    thnx farshad 🙂

  • DGG says:

    Wait, won’t the added weight of the device mean that for light frames when its removed the picture swing back and be crooked again!

  • Amination says:

    Of course
    So the parts are made of lightweight material

  • kg says:

    Why not just use a normal level tool?

  • Amination says:

    in normal level tool we have some problem such as :
    eye angle ( in hi height frames )
    low Accuracy in wide frames
    and Lack of fit in some frames
    thnx 🙂

  • Ali says:


  • Sam says:

    You’ve created a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist.. A spirit level on it’s own would be fine for almost every frame. 1. if you’re eye angle isn’t sufficient, then I don’t see how this would rectify that problem as you’d still need a ladder to attach this product to the top of the frame. 2. A large frame would surely require two pins, whereas you state that this is designed for one pin frames. 3. What kind of frame with a straight top edge would be suitable for this product and not a spirit level?
    I’m also curious as to what material you plan on making it from?

  • Sam says:


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