The AC you can’t see


I’ll just say it. It’s 2017. We’ve got LG TVs that are as thin as credit cards, so then WHY ARE OUR ACs SO BULKY?! I honestly haven’t seen a single air conditioner that portrays the word sleek, or artistic. I guess the guys who made the Artistic Air Conditioner had a similar opinion. This AC (I’m guessing it’s a window AC as compared to a split AC) has nothing more than a super smooth front panel that matches your wall. In fact the entire AC fits into a hollow space just so that the front panel aligns with your wall, making it look like there’s nothing there. Once you switch this marvel of technology on, the AC slides forward and cold air is released from the gap. An LED display also lights up right through the front panel, upping the AC’s already futuristic quotient. You like?

The Artistic Air Conditioner is a winner of the Red Dot Design Award for the year 2016.

Designer: Zheng Dongping, Jia Siyuan, Liu Binwen, Xu Tengfei & Lin Leye.