Poop Picker Leash

A clever twist in the leash design and here we have the Doggy Poop Collector! The poop scoop is integrated into the handle of the leash. Once the poop-job is done, you just swing it out and clean up the mess in a jiffy. Doing the obvious in a very discreet way! Love it!

Designers: Kukil Han & Min-sung Kim


  • NOIR says:

    I like the idea, seems pretty cool, but i don´t understand the 5 step, do people have to throw away a recipient every time they clean the poop collector?

  • James says:

    I’m not really understanding how it works. It sucks it up into a plastic tube you then throw away? How does the poo get into the tube, via some sort of suction? Poo doesn’t exactly face upwards when it’s deposited, how is it to get into the tube width ways? My advice from designer to designer, make a video of how to use it as right now, personally, it looks a little complicated for just a dog lead.

  • Alex says:

    could use one that’s about 200% bigger for my “little” pup :-s

  • Benito says:

    Hello, I wonder if they made ​​this product because I am interested in buying, thanks.

  • Ozzy says:


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