This conceptual travel kit is a modular, portable hairdryer and clothing iron!

Travel kits are so much more than just your toiletries! To keep up with the flexible work on-the-go lifestyle, we need tools that can help us be better prepared for that big meeting. Keeping that need and sentiment in mind, this conceptual travel kit is a modular, portable hairdryer and clothing iron that was designed to give you an ‘Edge’ over others!

Edge is a compact 2-in-1 appliance that gives you more than your toiletries. It consists of three parts: ‘Multi Handle’, ‘Edge Hairdryer Module’, ‘Edge Iron Module’. ‘Multi Handle’ has a button to control the product for using and both modules work with ‘Multi Handle’. Specifically made for those who have meetings on-the-go, the hairdryer and iron help to wash away the weariness of travel and smoothen the wrinkles so you look fresh (or should I say profesh?). “We have adopted a slide structure for intuitive and easy combination of each module. This not only allows the user to easily combine the modules but also reduces the risk of the module being easily detached while using the product” says the team. This helps save time and effort in asking your hotel for the appliances and in case you can’t make a stop and have to rush, Edge can come in handy anywhere you are!

It combines the structural similarities of the two products into one and uses one power supply to run both. The dial button makes it easy to adjust the intensity of the heat for both uses. As this product with module has to work as both iron and hairdryer, the team added a button that would allow a user to operate it without being confused even though it has a single handle. Like most devices, it can be charged using the common USB-C cable. Edge adds another necessary dimension to travel kits!

Designers: Chanhong Park, Yonghun Cho and Taekkyung Lee