Uplift your workout game


Good workout gear should achieve two new objectives, with the advent of technology. Gear should be as small as it can, aiding portability, and it should have the ability to provide you with expert feedback to help you train faster, better, and more effectively. The guys at Liftup identified this opportunity and out of that was born the Liftup’s first exercising product, the smart resistance band.

Designed out of quality materials, the Liftup can take all the stress it’s made to go through. Its small size also makes it a dream to carry around in your travel case, makinf even hotel rooms your gym. The magic however, is saved in the little box near the handle. It holds a sensor that computes data in realtime, giving you information on your workout, from how much strength you’ve utilized, to how much progress you made, all the way to expert feedback on where you can improve. Now all you really need is motivation!

Designer: LiftUp