Ex-Samsung Engineers design a 1.2lbs handheld vacuum that equals your Dyson in power!


As a grown-up, do you get excited about vacuum cleaners or are you not normal? From someone who did it as a chore, as I have gotten older vacuuming has been giving me that certain joy you experience when you watch satisfying visual ASMR-like videos. The things on top of my wishlist have quickly changed from sneakers to $400 vacuums and now that I’ve discovered the Montanc, I am glad I can have both!

Montanc was designed by ex-Samsung engineers to give you exactly what you need in a handheld vacuum without burning a hole in your pocket – powerful suction, lightweight, compact, durable, and never misses a spot! Usually, handheld vacuums are considered a short-term investment. They don’t have good suction, can fall apart easily, and are just an added cleaning measure after you use the large vacuum because they can’t get inside crevices. The engineers addressed the two major pain points from the consumer market research – upright vacuums are bulky and handheld vacuums are flimsy.

This product was created to change how we perceive handheld vacuums all together with its clever engineering and attentive design that makes cleaning effortless. The strongest handheld vacuum on the market has a suction power of 12,000 PA while Montanc gives you 15,000 PA which is equivalent to a Dyson vacuum! Weighing only 1.18 lbs (525 g), this appliance has been made for everyday use which accounts for wear and tear. It is also easy to empty the dirt from the vacuum, it contains a double safety mechanism that twists the gadget as you press the button and lets you empty/wash the reusable canister. This prevents unexpected disassemble of dirt from the sack. But unlike its competition, Montanc’s weight doesn’t justify its strength and durability. Combined with a set of versatile nozzles, you can clean every crack, corner and crevice.

It has two power modes: Mode I and Mode II. The first one has the suction power of 6,000 PA and picks up your typical-sized particles and debris in a blink of an eye. The second one picks up microparticles that can’t be seen by the naked eye as well as larger chunks of debris with the suction power of 15,000 PA. Mode I can be used for 30 mins and Mode II can be used for 9 mins after one charging cycle. You can switch between the modes by pressing one button and it clears up everything from pollen to your girlfriend’s hair – no really, the fade-free suction sucks the hair in one second!

“Such power is only possible because of our Brushless Direct Current ++ motors (BLDC++ in short). This 120w motor clocks in at 76,000rpm which allows Montanc to produce 15kPa while staying insanely compact” says the team of engineers on the technology that makes Montanc stand out from the rest of its peers. Its good to be used on carpets too along with being car-friendly. Lastly, its minimal and elegant design means it doesn’t have to be stashed away in a closet and you can keep it outside too – it can be used right when the cookie crumbles! Powerful vacuums are heavy. Smaller vacuums are weak. But if you want the best of both worlds, this vacuum is your Hannah Montanc-na.

Designer: Euna Jeon

Click Here to Buy Now: $129 $170 (24% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left! Raised over $380,000.









Click Here to Buy Now: $129 $170 (24% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left! Raised over $380,000.