Camping product designs that convert your camping life to glamping: Part 2

Camping, as it is shown on Pinterest, shows warm cozy fairy-lights filled space with people laughing. But camping, in reality, is a much messier business! We can’t control the elements around us while out in the wild but the products we carry with us can make or break the situation. Now that the world is slowly going back to its new normal, we all want to take a break away from confined places and camping is one of the best ways to do it – and the curated collection here today shows you the best way to turn camping into a glamping experience with ease!

W2 Architecture’s revolutionary trailer design, Romotow, the name an amalgamation of ‘room to move’ contains all the usual RV features but with an innovative 90-degree twist. With the press of a simple electric button, it swivels open, rotating at 90 degrees, to reveal an open synthetic teak deck, and 70% more living space.

HydraCell was designed to give you instant power if you were outdoors or had an emergency. Hydralight’s water-activated fuel cell can charge your devices and provide light for days – a must-have for campers. It is also eco-friendly, all the waste generated from creating the HydraCell is 100% biodegradable and doesn’t add to toxic landfill waste like most flashlights. When you need power during a storm or outdoors we use batteries but are they really reliable? More often than not, batteries are dead, or faulty they haven’t been used, and while you can recharge some during a power cut that is not an option. HydraCell fills this negative gap that batteries have with positive innovation. It can provide up to 100 hours of light and charge up to 10 phones with a single charge plate.

At just 2.24 inches long when folded shut, the Falcon by Leo Zhang is no larger than the average pinky finger, but size doesn’t take away from the Falcon’s capabilities… because even for a knife that small, it can easily take on the job of EDC knives that are thrice its size. It’s safe to say that the Falcon is inspired directly by its namesake, with a small, sharp, claw-shaped design that looks similar to the tiny yet powerful talons found on the feet of predatory birds. Small enough to securely grip between your thumb and index finger, the knife cuts into vegetables, opens boxes, sharpens pencils, and can even be used to scrape flint-sticks and start fires.

Elad Achi’s Katipo got its name because its shape and form resembles that of a Katipo spider. It is an Australian redback spider that is small in size with long legs that bend at angles which inspired the stove’s own leg stand and tiny size. The Katipo is a stainless steel stove that folds into a portable size of 50 mm wide and 120 mm long, and when opened it is 180 mm in diameter. “Each leg has a cutting edge that stops its motion by a stopper pin and opens to the angle of 120° and thus produces an equal opening to them all perfectly” explains Elad Achi. Apart from the product proportions, even the colors of the stove were inspired by the spider’s red and black body.

A1R Powered Outdoor Gear by  Kendall Toerner and Alexander Ordonez gives you the tools that let you enjoy your hike or camping trip peacefully because you are equipped with a problem-solving gadget. Personally, I am someone who will panic if I am in a forest and things don’t go as planned so having like this on me is very reassuring as opposed to being left to survive with a map, compass, and my phone (which is probably in single-digit battery levels). A1R is a weatherproof device fueled by renewable energy source, air/wind, that lasts for days and serves the purpose of a navigator, power bank, tracker, water/snow/saltwater purifier, and an emergency beacon. It is basically a sleek and sustainable Jarvis for any camper!

Cybertruck enthusiast, Joe, has designed this futuristic camper that was discovered on a fan website. The renders are similar to that of Tesla’s bulletproof camper configuration but the difference lies in the number of jokes that Joe endured vs Elon Musk. The Cyber Camper’s monoplane design extends into a canopy on the rear side of the vehicle. It comes in a smaller solo option and a slightly larger duo option which is based on the sleeping quarters secured in its angular shell. The duo version provides extra cabin space with its wider frame and also has more windows on both the front and back.

Designed to be the world’s first portable bidet, Sonny is practically the size and shape of a baton and can be stored anywhere or carried around with you. Using a battery-powered motor and an internal water tank that you can top off before you head to the loo, Sonny generates a micro-shower to help you clean up after your business, effectively, hygienically, and sustainably. With an easy-to-use interface, Sonny comes with normal and high-spray settings that shoot water for anywhere between 25-40 seconds (depending on the spray intensity), enough to clean your behind. Besides, much like a bidet, Sonny can even be used on your nether regions too, to keep things hygienic and fresh.

Designed by Andrew Gardner & Jacob Campbell, industrial designers with a true passion for the outdoors, the AERIAL A1 quite literally elevates the idea of camping. Rather than pitching tents in the ground, this one straps itself to trees (or even cars), taking your camping experience up a notch. Climb into the AERIAL A1 and you literally feel like you’re sleeping on clouds. The tent’s slackline structure requires you to stretch the base out so it’s virtually flat (unlike a hammock, which naturally takes a curve)… this effectively gives the AERIAL A1’s tent-bed its ‘spring’, making it feel like a cross between a hammock and a waterbed. The AERIAL A1 can easily be mounted over rocks, roots, or even a river. If the ground isn’t suited for tent-pitching, or if you just want to ‘upgrade’ your camping experience, the AERIAL A1 can quite easily be suspended above the ground.

OUMBRA by Ho Hsiang Chang is a new projector design that makes this summertime activity a cinch with its compact form and straightforward functionality. Whether you’re camping, barbecuing while you and friends watch the game, or want to have a scary movie night in your backyard, OUMBRA can project your media almost anywhere. Its simplistic yet versatile stand can be rotated 360° to project in any direction. It can also be used as a convenient handle to carry the device. Eight speakers are integrated directly into the body of the projector for hi-def, multidirectional audio to accompany your video. When it’s not being used to project, you can tilt it up and throw on your favorite tunes!

For a portable fireplace, the SPIN by Christian Wassermann and Thomas Kaiser of höfats is a pretty neat device that also gives you the added advantage of a pyrotechnic light show. It uses a 500ml can of bioethanol gel that burns using 100% environmentally clean energy. Perfect for outdoor as well as indoor use, the SPIN comes with two baseplates (one regular, one elevated) that can be rested on any surface, as well as a garden-pole base that turns it into a tiki-torch you can plant in the ground. With a light source that can burn for as long as 1.5-2 hours, the SPIN makes an incredibly eye-catching miniature fireplace that does more than supplying warmth and light… it creates a hypnotic flaming vortex that’s definitely worth admiring, or taking slow-mo videos of for the ‘gram!

Now while we all want to run to the outdoors and spend a week living in the fresh, open space, we can’t just forget about the pandemic and the precautions we need to carry. So every time you step out gear up with the new EDC – face masks, PPE, and objects that limit you from touching multiple surfaces. Stay safe!