Non-Destructive Head Phones

Love the name of this concept and totally relate to it as well. The personal side of the story is that both my brother and I managed to ruin our hearing thanks to blasting music through our earphones (parental advice IS ignored by teens). Hence the Non-Destructive Head Phones aims at keeping your eardrums safe, minimize bacterial infection and still allow you to enjoy your music on the go. The only flipside is that you will be aware of secondary noises like maybe a honking car. Then again, in the long run it can work out to your advantage…maybe catch up on some street gossip!

“Non-Destructive Head Phones are designed to let the sound waves reach your ear in a less destructive way. This is achieved by not blocking the opening of the ear canal and by eliminating the direct firing of the sound waves in it. It can keep the user well aware of the conversation around and other sounds from the surroundings.”

Designer: Altamash Jiwani


  • Matthew Hicks says:

    Love the design, But isn’t the whole point in having earphones, so that its a personal experience. Surely with this design everyone else around you will be able to hear your music as well as you? Surely this is going backwards in headphone design?

  • So… in order to hear the music as clearly as with conventional earphones, you’d have to crank up the volume to drown out the ambient noises, which, in turn, effectively hammers your eardrums with *more* energy than with existing solutions? No?

  • Frankie says:

    Matthew… you beat me to it: absolutely right! I already look forward to being in the 1-2m radius of the muppet wearing these on the bus/train whatever. oh jeez

  • Jimmy C says:

    I also agree with Matthew, there isn’t much point in headphones if you’re not the only one hearing.

  • Riyo says:

    It also wouldn’t exactly work for people with glasses…

  • Hunter says:

    Perhaps it uses bone induction through the ear, instead of audio projection through the ear canal. This is similar to the Google Glass.

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