This air-powered outdoor survival device keeps you enroute, hydrated and safe!

The great outdoors – a treasure we all miss right now and one we must protect when we step out into our new normal in the future. Adventures always happen outside and A1R is an outdoor gadget that was specifically designed to inspire you to enjoy nature, grow with the environment, and gain a new perspective. While it was originally created for intermediate outdoor enthusiasts, it can actually be used by beginners as well and help them fall in love with nature.

A1R Powered Outdoor Gear gives you the tools that let you enjoy your hike or camping trip peacefully because you are equipped with a problem-solving gadget. Personally, I am someone who will panic if I am in a forest and things don’t go as planned so having like this on me is very reassuring as opposed to being left to survive with a map, compass, and my phone (which is probably in single-digit battery levels). A1R is a weatherproof device fueled by renewable energy source, air/wind, that lasts for days and serves the purpose of a navigator, power bank, tracker, water/snow/saltwater purifier, and an emergency beacon. Its basically a sleek and sustainable Jarvis for any camper.

When you feel well-equipped to deal with unplanned events is when you are more willing to take risks – this is where the actual growth happens and the user’s horizons expand not just physically in the outdoors but also as a person. A1R takes into account all elements that should be in an all-rounder survival gadget – it bridges the urban-outdoor gap, is mindful of using sustainable materials, focuses on empowering the user with new experiences and self-actualization. Let’s go on a design adventure to see how this concept was developed and all the features it has to reduce panic and increase peace!

Designer: Kendall Toerner and Alexander Ordonez

A1R Powered Outdoor Tools help outdoor enthusiasts enter the stretch zone, enabling them to discover and push their boundaries. It takes care of the 5 elements that can cause panic when you are on an adventure and gives you one device that works for your physical and digital needs thereby reducing the things you have to carry or keep a track of!

A1R solves the issues one faces during camping or exploring outdoors for days – it is reliable, durable, provides battery instead of draining it, keeps you connected with your group, and most importantly, keeps you hydrated in any situation. It is versatile and flexible to your needs while reducing the number of essentials you have to carry by providing the features in one portable device.

The portable device is made to be handheld and can expand as per your needs. It is ergonomic and fits with the modern, minimal aesthetic, unlike the existing outdoor tech tools. Its capsule-like slim build saves space in your backpack for other essentials.

The 3000 PSI compressed air module powers devices through both electrical and mechanical potential, and is much more reliable and sustainable than batteries because it’s durable, unaffected by cold temperatures or weather, and made of all recyclable materials.

Being powered by air means the downside of batteries are eliminated and as technology advances, every industry should consider using renewable energy sources to create long-lasting products that are also compatible with a sustainable lifestyle.

Use the accompanying pump on long journeys to recharge the power source anywhere at any time. 60 seconds of pumping provides 5 days of water purification, 3 days of navigation, 24 hours of communication, or a full headlamp charge.

You never have to worry about losing your trail, A1R takes into account offline navigation and has a very simple UI to keep it user-friendly because the last thing you need when you are lost is trying to figure out how to use a device that can help you. The aim is to reduce panic and not increase it.

During unprecedented circumstances, we can go without food but clean water is the most crucial essential. A1R lets you purify water anywhere and store up to 12 oz in the appliance and fill up 16 oz bottle one at a time. It works on purifying snow and saltwater too which makes it a versatile gadget to take to any outdoor setting.

The filter is durable and designed to last without needing to be replaced often. It also won’t break in freezing temperatures.

In case of emergencies, A1R enables you to send out a call for help with its beacon feature. It launches a 99% biodegradable balloon with a cellular radio that will have your initial GPS coordinates so first responders can get to your accurate location for help.

Stay connected at all times and find your friends if you are lost. A1R is powered by a supercapacitor and a GPS chip that will help you navigate through an antenna and ultra-low-power transceiver. Just tap and instantly charge the supercapacitor.

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