World’s first mechanical music box to play any song using your smartphone!

Music boxes bring the tunes of nostalgia back and how! Back in the day they were considered a thoughtful gift and played one song over and over. The intricate details of the music box made it a collectible for years, it came in so many playful themes like horses on a carousel or a piano and I always loved watching the strings pop up and down when it played songs. While music boxes have gathered dust and music streaming apps have taken over, we don’t have to choose between the past and the present – Muro Box, the first app-controlled music box, brings the best of both back to you!

Not only does Muro Box play any song you like, but you can also make your own songs. Think of it as a cross between a speaker and a music box that can be synced to your playlists to give you a unique experience that will bring back memories (and make new ones!). It is the world’s first mechanical music box that can be controlled via your smartphone. All you have to do is upload your playlists to the Muro Box app and the music box will turn it up. Compose your own tunes or get guided lessons by musicians on the app. Apart from helping you compose music and store your playlists in an unlimited free cloud service, Muro Box also serves as an alarm clock and who wouldn’t like to be woken up by the soothing string chimes instead of your blaring smartphone?

It can play as fast as 4 beats per second for the same note, which is consecutive eight notes at BPM 120. The basic unit of notes in Muro Box is an eighth note (quaver). Muro Box allows 7 notes to be plucked at the same time as the maximum. According to the Music Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI), the scale of Muro Box is between C3 to A5 (C4-A6 in American standard), so it includes about 2.5 octaves and currently features a 20-note version using a diatonic scale which will be upgraded to a 40-note version with more semitones for professional musicians.

“We invented the world’s first app-controlled cylinder for Muro Box to make your dream come true: one music box that plays all of your favorite songs. Our patented design breaks the limitation of a traditional music box but still preserves the resonance and sound generated from a mechanical movement,” says the design team. You can also access 30,000+ music box melodies shared by the 22500+ music box fans around the world, on your Muro Box! The compact form and the warm wooden aesthetic is a timeless look for this nostalgia-inducing music player and I can continue staring at those dancing strings all day. I do wonder how Cardi B’s songs will sound on this.

Designer: Chen-Hsiang Feng & Shiao-Chen Tsai of Muro Box

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