This 3-in-1 kitchen appliance with voice assistance is the butler you need!

The kitchen is one of the most important sections of any home, and for me, growing up in a small house, the kitchen was almost sacred. It’s the first place in the day where everyone began their mornings, and in every big family gathering, everyone would eventually end up chatting in the kitchen. This A’ Design winner lets you upgrade your existing kitchen without the requirement of an expansive space or the limitation of existing elements in your kitchen. The Open Suite Cooker Hood by Fabrizio Crisa for Elica is designed to keep in mind modern styling requirements and, most of all, modularity to bring out the most in everyday practical usage.

The Open Suite merges a hood, a large LED light panel, modular shelving units along with a voice assistant integration that provides feedback on filter maintenance and overall system management. The unit is tailored for all your modern needs – the modular structure of the hood brings flexibility in how you actually want to set up the function and complement it with the visual appeal. This freedom comes courtesy of the 80 cm/160 cm modules that join in endless configurations depending on the user’s requirements and personal taste. The lower front section of the hob houses a large LED light panel (with color toggle and intensity adjustment) for illuminating the area while cooking. So, whatever the mood you’re in, Open Suite can create the right ambient environment for enjoyable cooking sessions. The designer explains, “A monolithic structure, in which the functions of air and light become complementary: in the lower front side of the hob there is, in fact, a large LED light panel. The panel acts as a strategic light point during food preparation, to be also used as ambient light for the most convivial moments. You can adapt the intensity and color of the LEDs, from cold white to warmer tones, to create the perfect atmosphere. Thanks to the double suction unit and the special Long Life filters (which can be regenerated in the oven for 3 years), Open Suite has been designed to guarantee maximum performance in the filter version and maximum freedom of movement in the kitchen.”

All the functions for interaction with the cooker hood come in ergonomic controls on the front. For those who are used to voice assistants, the kitchen appliance comes with Alexa, Google Home, and the in-built Elica app support. For easy filter maintenance, the appliance comes with the convenience of automated tips to keep the hood at its best for years to come – just like a butler who takes care of the smaller things in life to keep the kitchen running smoothly! The intuitive design to bring modular kitchen shelves and cooker hood into one is worth appreciating and something that budding home chefs will want to own right away!

Designer: Fabrizio Crisa for Elica