Tea Like You Always Dreamed It


Why so many coffee makers when tea is the most popular drink in the world (excluding water)? What gives?! Inspired by this notion, designer Elisabeth Morris set out to create something that not only added to a growing list of tea appliances, but also automated the many variables of steeping loose-leaf tea.

Because the 5 main types of tea each require different steeping temperatures and time periods, it happens that leaves end up over-steeped and bitter. A common rookie mistake is also forgetting about the tea while multitasking. With the Tea Machine, all of that is a thing of the past. As simple as its name sounds, all you have to do is pour water in using the same cup you’ll be drinking from. Then, add your leaves into the funnel and specify the type of tea you’re steeping. The machine will begin heating water to the appropriate temperature before releasing into a separate container for steeping. Once in the steeping phase, it will also bob a strainer up and down to ensure an even steep.

All of this is indicated by an intuitive series of lights and sounds to keep the user aware. Not only will it make the perfect cup each time, its cool, minimalistic look comes in fantastic colors–including Matcha Green, Eggshell White, and Cardamom Black–to match your interior style.

Designer: Elisabeth Morris






Pour in water to start heating.


Twist to select type of tea.