This dog-friendly nail clipper clips without any bleeding or stress!

If you have owned a dog you know that there are two things that can be hectic for the both of you – giving your dog a bath and trimming his nails. When it comes to bath time, it is stressful for the owner but turns out to be a fun time for the dog after the first minute. But clipping your dog’s nails is stressful for you and your dog because of the risk of cutting their quick (blood vessel in the nail).

Dog’s nails have a ‘quick’ inside their nails which has blood vessels and nerve endings, it grows with the nails and recedes naturally as you keep trimming over time. The problem is that you cannot see this quick so there is a risk of cutting it when you trim the nails and that can cause a lot of bleeding, pain, and stress. It can also make you scared of trimming your dog’s nails because you don’t want to hurt them. Quik is an alternative to existing nail clippers as it was designed to help the owner determine the approximate location and trim safely.

The wearable nail clipper illuminates the nail and the quick within so you can precisely trim it without any hassle. It not only reduces the stress you and your pet may feel, but it also saves numerous visits to the vet. It is also ergonomically created so it makes you comfortable and confident when you trim your dog’s nails. I personally always took my dog to the vet to get his nails clipped because I was afraid to do it but a pet product like Quik can make things a lot more safe and efficient for us.

Designers: Lakshyta Gupta, Kareena Solanki, and Aishwarya Joshi