These eco-friendly sneakers are made entirely out of ocean-recovered plastic

We’ve come a bit of a full circle since the Industrial Revolution. Roughly a hundred years ago, thermoplastics were hailed as a supermaterial that could allow products to be rapidly mass-produced, and we went on to develop the polymers that ended up having lasting unforeseen consequences on our life, even after a century. Plastics were celebrated as materials that could be blow-molded, injection molded, turned into sheets, and were incredibly lightweight, strong, waterproof, and would last an eternity… features that sound good when you’re selling a product to a consumer, but terrible when you stop to consider what happens when the consumer finally throws the product in the trash. Over the century, the amount of plastic we’ve thrown has turned into a gargantuan mess, and we’re here in 2020, dealing with the returns on that investment we made when we cashed in on using plastics to make everything we own, from waterbottles to toothbrushes, and from plastic bags to even plastic furniture.

While we reckon with this mess we’ve made by using plastics to fuel human materialism and greed, the guys at CCILU have a new way of solving the pollution crisis we face. By designing their product exclusively around reusing old plastics, the GreenPlax sneakers cater to demand without bringing any new plastic into circulation. Instead, they take plastics right out of the ocean and transform this waste into perfectly reusable raw materials. Each sneaker is made using materials that are the equivalent of 15 plastic bottles, which means a pair of GreenPlax shoes prevent as many as 30 PET bottles from polluting our oceans. Every inch of the sneaker, from its flexible outsole, to the fabric body, to even the shoelaces, is made out of recycled polymers, giving them a new lease of life in footwear that look and feel great, and even secured an A’ Design Award.

The shoe features an innovative outsole that uses a combination of recycled plastic and EVA foam to give you a spring in your step. The outsole comes with an award-winning checkerboard design that bends and flexes to complement your foot’s movements, giving you the freedom of mobility combined with traction that allows you to walk on any sort of terrain with comfort. Above it lies the shoe’s insole, which is made from 100% recycled plastics, and an OrthoLite and rubber cushioning to give you the feeling of walking on air. It pairs well with the shoe’s fabric body, which is made from a yarn that’s woven from recycled plastic shreds too. The outer fabric is breathable, moisture-wicking, UV-protective, anti-microbial, and completely water and dirt-repellant, making it easy to clean the shoes under running water.

This also makes each GreenPlax vegan too. By ditching materials like leather, which is primarily found in sneaker bodies, and beeswax, which is traditionally used as a coating to make fabrics water-repellant, the GreenPlax achieves comfort, style, and longevity by using the very material that made those promises a hundred years ago. The sneakers come in a pretty classic, timeless design, and across a variety of colors, combinations, and sizes. They’re designed to be unisex, feel lightweight, and to last much longer than conventional shoes… all while taking the weight off your conscience and taking those plastics out of our oceans and their vulnerable eco-systems!

Designer: CCILU

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GreenPlax – The World’s 1st Shoes Made with Ocean Plastics

The GreenPlax by CCILU marks a major milestone in the footwear industry with its insoles, outsoles and upper casing all made with recycled plastic water bottles rescued from the ocean.

A Problem – On average, every week, each of us ingests 5 grams of microplastics from the ocean because the bottles we throw away end up as part of our food chain. That’s like eating one credit card.

A Solution – CCILU decided it was time to take action by rescuing disposed water bottles from the ocean and upcycle them into shoes that can become life-long friends.

The award-winning patented GreenPlax Technology gathers plastic water bottles from the ocean and breaks them down into pellets and fibers that make every major part of their shoe.

Some shoes claim to be made of recycled plastic, but that’s usually only true for part of their shoe. GreenPlax is made of plastic from the top down.

The Tech

GreenPlax technology was just honored by A’Design Award & Competition in the footwear category of the year 2020. Each pair of CCILU footwear has a sole that is created with 100+ completely independent and highly resilient-rebound GreenPlax dots. This creates a true barefoot comfort.

Flexibility Provides Comfort – This optimal outsole design gives you four-way flexibility, making it completely responsive to how your feet move.

Water Repellant – Being made with recycled plastic has perks other than saving the planet. It also provides a water repellant shell, keeping your feet nice and dry, no matter the weather.

Repels Dirt & Stains – Their advanced material doesn’t allow dirt or stains to stick around.

Easy to Clean – Simply rinse your shoe with water to create that “new shoe” look time and time again.

Click Here to Buy Now: $49 $98 (51% off). Hurry, only 113/200 left!