This assistive wearable AI camera reads any text that’s in front of you

It’s great for people looking to easily read foreign languages, but even better for people with weak eyesight to begin with.

The OrCam MyEye 2 feels a lot like what the Google Glass should have evolved to become. I’m talking about ditching the holographic crystal and focusing on the camera technology, combined with Google Lens’ identification algorithm. Designed to be a small, retrofittable wearable camera that attaches to any pair of spectacles, the MyEye 2 can identify objects in front of it and read any text within its frame.

The MyEye 2 is more assistive tech than consumer tech. It helps people with low visibility to ‘see’ things by actively translating text and identifying objects. Just point at anyone or anything and the MyEye 2 picks up your gesture, analyzing what (or who) you’re pointing at. If you’ve got text in front of you, the MyEye 2 begins reading it out, allowing you to easily read fine print like newspapers, menu cards, and ingredients lists without worrying about straining your eyes. The tech works for humans too, allowing you to point at familiar people and have the wearable identify them for you.

Given that it functions as a visibility aiding device, the MyEye 2’s interface is incredibly intuitive. It works just by pointing at text, objects, and people and can even recognize voice commands… besides, if you’re visually impaired, skip the pointing and just press the button on the device and it analyzes everything within its frame. The MyEye 2 comes with a universal design that easily straps onto any pair of glasses, thanks to a magnetic band. This means it can easily be taken off whenever not in use, and even while worn, the fact that it weighs just 22 grams makes it easy enough to wear every day without worrying about the weight.

Designer: OrCam