This air pollution mask blocks 99% of PM2.5 to let you breath clean air

Up until this very moment, I didn’t know that air pollution killed more people globally than car accidents… or malaria. We take our air quality for granted, because we can’t physically see the pollution in the air in a quantifiable manner, and we don’t feel the immediate effects of breathing bad air. That’s why deteriorating air quality is such a hazard… because it slowly creeps up on you – and here’s another fact. Some cities have it so bad that breathing the air for just one day is the equivalent of smoking 20 cigarettes.

Air pollution isn’t an easy problem to fix long term. Face masks present an effective, personal, short term solution to a problem that’s global and practically impossible to fight singularly. They’re simple, require less change to global emissions policy, and give you clean air – which is what most people really want at the end of the day. Yes, having a greener planet is better, but staying healthy is arguably just as, if not more important in the grander scheme. The Airhead mask was built to provide you with that healthy air – on a personal level.

Designed by a group of passionate cyclists who wanted to stay healthy, Airhead was created as a solution to an unusual conundrum of them breathing polluted air as they cycled to stay fit. The team have created a great mask for people who need the protection of a mask that caters to an active lifestyle. The mask features multiple layers of filters that give you clean, pure, microparticle and microorganism-free air that filters in from the front, and exits the mask from the two valves at the back, ensuring warm air is quickly removed from your face. The Airhead’s silicone seal creates an airtight seal around your nose and mouth, preventing polluted air from leaking in through the sides and warm air leaking out and fogging up your glasses.

The filters remove 99% of all PM2.5 particles, even neutralizing harmful gases with activated carbon technology… and the Airhead’s most interesting bit of innovation? The ability to pop open the mask’s front while cycling to help you cool down, have a drink, snack or even a chat! When you’ve cooled down, just pop the Airskin filter-cover back on and you’ve got yourself a superior mask that purifies air and blocks germs! Wear a mask and stay fit… because you need to keep yourself healthy before you make this earth healthy!

Designers: Harry Young, Alex Smith & Elliot Denvir

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The Airhead Pollution Mask

Working with a team of industry leading designers, researchers and scientists at Brunel University, Airhead today announces the launch of their first major pollution mask. A mask that’s more comfortable, cleaner and smarter.

Airhead offers three clear areas of radical improvement: a reinvented medical grade silicone seal to maximize filtration of toxic air; revolutionary rear-facing valves used to rapidly move hot air away from the face and a unique clip function allowing users to unclip the front of the mask, providing a breeze, a chance to hydrate, snack or chat.


What Will the Mask Filter?

Particulate Matter (PM)

– The filters efficiently block 99% of PM2.5 particulate matter and can remove particles that are as small as 0.3 microns in size.
– Airhead team is striving to obtain FFP3 (N99) certification. This can only be achieved once the first batch of masks have been manufactured and tested using independent test houses.
– The team is using filters that exceed the requirements for FFP3 (N99).

Harmful Gases

– The activated carbon layer harmful removes gases, including nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide and ozone.
– They also remove unwanted smells and vapors from organic compounds.

Bushfire Smoke

– The filter provides effective filtration of natural pollutants such as fine particulate matter from smoke, dust and pollen.


– The mask can effectively block pollen particles – don’t let your seasonal allergies prevent you from exercising outdoors!

A Closer Look

Reinvented Airtight Seal Stops Leakage

They used the most advanced technology to analyze a range of faces and create a unique design with one size to fit all. Their medical-grade silicon will maximize filtration efficacy in polluted cities.

Effortlessly Exhale Through Their Air Valves

Their valves are rear-facing, they rapidly move hot air away from the face and they prevent glasses from steaming up. Moving the valves has also maximized the surface area of the filter, which makes it easier to breathe and keeps you cool.

Unclip for a Cool Breeze

If you’re cycling or running up a hill as fast as you can, you’ll probably get hot, we won’t pretend otherwise. This unique feature gives you a quick cooling breeze, or a chance to have a drink, snack or chat. When you’re ready, simply clip it back in place to resume full protection.

Based on Science, Not Fiction

They teamed up with Dr. Sanja Potgieter-Vermaak, who is a Senior Lecturer in Analytical Chemistry at Manchester Metropolitan University and an air pollution expert. She explains clearly what to look out for when choosing an effective pollution mask.

Click Here to Buy Now: $68 $112 (38% off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left! Raised over $370,000.