This e-trike is a peppy mix of classic café racer and modernized city commuter

The complexion of urban mobility is slowly morphing into a space dominated by electric vehicles that are compact and highly practical. While most concept designs we’ve come across focus on technology, this electric trike lays emphasis on the actual purpose of the styling. The design and shape of the e-trike are centered on speed handling and driving pleasure for the most part.

Inspired by the retro appeal of classic racers, the E-Trike Revolution brings that element of freedom, speed and skill of riding in an arena filled with concepts and prototypes giving high weightage to comfort and lounge-like commuting experience. This three-wheeled city commuter has a raw element to it while still being overwhelmingly cool.

Designer: André Fangueiro

Trikes with their adaptable body tilt promise superior handling while tight sweeping corners at high speed. This one is no different with its swift suspension. E-Trike Revolution is more like a café racer but with the assurance of an extra wheel for more stability. There is a respectable space for keeping your belongings or medium-weighted cargo. The spoked wheel tires add that reassuring element of the trike’s classic influence.

According to André, the prototype of this trike will be made using sustainable materials, will get next-gen electrical technology and have a direct drive for instant torque. So, we perceive it as a green commuting option for riders who seek driving pleasure and styling. He also added that the design came about to be after their team identified the gaps in the automotive market currently. From there the opportunities were identified to design a trike to fill the void.

The E-Trike Revolution is a minimalistic three-wheeled urban commuter that’s not boring. The shape is finalized keeping in mind all genders to capture a bigger chunk of the market. For starters, the trike is going to be targeted at globetrotters with a passion for discovering new things.