Social-Distancing At Work: These cubicle designs make segregated workspaces safe and stylish

No one can really tell when workspaces will open with full capacity, but we all can agree that there will be some incredibly lasting changes to offices moving forward. Automatic doors so you don’t need to touch the handle, people operating lifts so you don’t have to press buttons, and probably even ditching away with the communal coffee machine for some other contact-less alternative. Workspaces will become more safety conscious, and more impersonal, with employees having dedicated agile and versatile cubicles to suit all their needs. Keith Melbourne Studio’s envisioned how design intervention can create a new sort of stylish-yet-safe workplace with the Avion.

Currently on the shortlist for an Inde Award, the Avion is a modular workspace setup that comes with a contemporary design with soft curves, chic furniture, and a modern color palette to help make the workspace look friendly and appealing. Designed to create visual comfort so you’re more focused and relaxed at work, the cubicle systems isolate you and provide enough space to work out of, while still giving you enough of a window to step out and socialize from time to time… from a distance of course!

Designer: Keith Melbourne Studio