Heliboarding Copter?

Have you heard of heliboarding? I haven’t but apparently it’s the hot new thing with adventurists. The AvA 299 DROP is a helicopter designed to take crazy snowboarders to locations not accessible by normal lifts. The entire cabin can lower them just enough to leap out and carve their stake across a mountain. The coaxial rotor blades spin in opposite directions to provide more power and negates the need for a tail rotor for stabilization. The design also addresses a number of problems with single blade rotors. Hit the jump!

  • Settling with power – Reduced
  • Retreating blade stall – Reduced
  • Medium frequency vibrations – Reduced
  • High frequency vibrations – None
  • Anti-torque system failure in forward flight – Eliminated
  • Anti-torque system failure while hovering – Eliminated

The reduction and elimination of these hazards are the strong points for the safety of coaxial rotor design.

Designer: Timon Sager