The dishwasher-friendly filter of this air purifer is good for you and the planet!

We have watched a ton of movies with a world-ending apocalypse threatening doomsday, but till the moment actually arrived in the form of COVID-19, we never knew how unprepared we are for such a situation! Being locked down has shown us how adaptable we are, from repurposing snorkeling masks into makeshift ventilators, inclusively designed masks that let the hearing challenged lip-read while staying protected to even EDC designs that let you navigate your surroundings while prohibiting contact with infected surfaces – humans, when challenged, are adept at finding alternatives that save the day! And disposing of the need for disposable filters is one surefire way to protect the planet and the humans alike.

This is the solution that Christoph Burkhardt, CEO of OneLife has achieved through their PureOne Silent Air Purifier – a purifier that doesn’t require any filter changes. “If you don’t have an air purifier, you are the air purifier,” says Christoph. He also shares his personal experience to help us better understand the need for a purifier. A malfunctioning from his furnace led to a high level of carbon monoxide gas in their home, slowly affecting their health. It was an air quality sensor that saved him from this disaster. The air in our homes can be up to 5-10 times more harmful than the outside air, something we and our family breathe in continuously without realizing the harm it is doing. Most purifiers work using HEPA Filters or ionizing technology, whereas the PureOne uses the plasma field technology — the same plasma that lives in our star, the Sun. Built for smart households and workplaces, PureOne’s proprietary and award-winning clean technology creates high filtration performance at low ventilator speed. This means the purifier runs with a silent air purification that saves energy by operating on a fraction of the electricity required by other air purifiers, with no harmful ozone emissions. Instead of replacing filters every few months, the PureOne filter system can be rinsed or run through a dishwasher and reused, easy right?

The PureOne’s aesthetics have been designed to merge into your surroundings effortlessly, using a blend of minimal textile and wooden finishes to match your furniture. Users can control PureOne and get air quality data with voice-first products like Amazon Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant or with an iOS or Android app. Offering an easy, silent, and effective way to keep the air in your home clean the PureOne removes the smallest fine particles without any ozone damage. Reducing our use of disposable filters and maintaining social distancing, PureOne fulfills a need that perfectly fits the lifestyle our post-quarantine world is shaping up to be!

Designer: OneLife