Sculpture Meets Cycling Machine

The Vito cycling system dares to be different! As much of an art piece as it is a fitness machine, its unique shape is unlike any other. Complete with an epicycloid transmission system (fancy words for rotational gearing), responsive LED performance lighting as well as mobile/tablet integration, it aims to encourage regular exercise. The longer it’s gone unused, the brighter its red LEDs glow. With its retractable saddle and handlebars, it can be easily tucked away or left out as a sculptural design element in your gym or other workout space.

Designer: Rob Melville


  • Blaton says:

    Seems perfectly taken from the Ciclotte.


    Rob , looks good to me .
    Have you commenced production and do you have An australian agent ?
    Please advise expected cost and avaialabilty .

    Dave W

  • Rob says:

    Hi Dave, thanks for your interest. This is only a concept ATM. If you’d like to discuss anything further or have any questions please contact me at [email protected]. Thanks

  • Johann says:

    By the way, why not use that energy to feed a battery and then our devices (Mp3, smartphone)…

  • Rob says:

    Hi Johann. The bike would have a generator inside which not only powers the Lighting but also charges the mobile/tablet up too.

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