This metal structure was restored to bring ‘starry night’ to your cabin

I, just like all of you, am waiting for the pandemic to end so I can go on a vacation. I am not even talking about a walk-all-over-a-new-city kind of trip, I just want a change of scenery and a couple of days in the middle of nature which makes the fascinating Folly Cabin in Joshua Tree, California the perfect choice. What makes Folly Cabin different from the other desert Airbnbs? Well, for starters the Folly Cabin is a restored metal structure that was designed to give you an immersive experience in nature that was compatible with the modern lifestyle.

Malek Alqadi’s Cohesion Studio refurbished an existing metal structure and expanded the property by adding a second one. The main cabin’s interior decor is straight out of Pinterest featuring details that blend concrete, natural stone, dark furniture, weathered metal, and warm wooden accents. It is compact but comfortably hosts 6 people, the structure has been optimized to be spacious and airy complete with a dining area, kitchen, and lounge. The second adjacent cabin has resources that will make it possible for you to be off-grid with water collection systems and solar panels. I think my favorite part of the house is the Portal’s queen bed upstairs where I picture myself stargazing through the skylight, and I tell you this through personal experience that Joshua Tree has some of the best night skies I’ve seen! Folly Cabin team also has an innovative suggestion to transform the room into a sunbathing suite during the day.

The outdoor space has a wooden deck, a soaking tub, and a BBQ for the perfect relaxing evening. While it may look rustic, the cabin is equipped with all modern technology like fast WiFi, keyless access, and interactive touch control panels. “The cabin explores moments of disconnect, that provide guests a sense of self and solitude. The luxury to unplug, while reconnecting with your surroundings. An experience that will preserve and pay respects to its unique environment and history,” says the team about Folly Collection’s philosophy.

Designer: Malek Alqadi