Deflecting Flash Floods

Flash floods are such a pain, especially to merchants and street vendors who stand to lose the most in this emergency situation. One of the more aesthetic preventive actions is the 360° Water Barrier. Essentially this is a road barrier that is seen dotting the city roads in the low-lying areas, and has expandable metal shutters that can be used to prevent or divert the flow of the water. With a couple more refinements, this could become a do-able concept. What do you think?

Designer: Nicholas Tay


  • stephen russell says:

    Test this in Venice Italy alone & other like venues, awesome, radical, can save lives & prop damage, worldwide.

  • Jacques says:

    The most über-optimistic design i’ve seen this year. Unfortunately the most unrealistic at the same time …
    Where in the world have you a need for that ? Why, if you already have a solid soil for your system ? Sorry, I don’t buy it …

  • Azza says:

    Waves are just going to smash that thin barrier to pieces

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