When Disaster Strikes At High Seas

At first I thought I would write a comedy of errors and make a fun post out of this, but regretfully it’s not funny getting shipwrecked or stranded in a dinghy at high seas. The chances of you and Brooke Shields making it to a marooned island are slim, so you may as well rely on your lifeboat, jacket and Reborn Survival Kit till a rescue team arrives. Packaged as a slim torch-like contraption, Reborn actually opens up to become a multi functional device.

What does the Reborn do?

It can transform to become a water collection and purification device, a solar energy stove, a dish antenna, a search light, and food heating equipment.

That’s a lot of functions packed into one thing, which is good coz then you know what to carry along with you when Titanic is sinking!

Designer: Xue Zhichao