This company 3D prints ‘custom’ masks that perfectly fit the shape of your face

The N95 is great and terrible, both for the same reason. It’s great because of its one-size-fits-all design which is perfect for two reasons – A. You can rapidly manufacture a whole bunch of masks using the same materials and measurements, and B. The consumer doesn’t have to worry about looking for sizes and fittings before they buy a mask. It’s convenient because it was made to be… but is it comfortable? Not necessarily.

The N95’s most highlighted flaw is that in the pursuit of fitting every human universally, it doesn’t fit each human perfectly. The presence of the smallest of air gaps can often compromise a mask’s safety, and the designers at LuxMea Studios decided it was time for a better, more bespoke solution. The Nuo 3D mask is a stark departure from the mass-manufacturing convenience that is the N95. Rather than applying one solution to everyone, the Nuo 3D builds custom solutions for each human… a face-mask that comes with a perfect fit, because it was specifically designed to match the contours of your face.

Using a special AI that can capture the measurements of your jaw using just a video, the guys at LuxMea Studios partnered with prominent 3D printing network Shapeways to bring bespoke design to the face-mask. Every face is unique, which is why the Nuo 3D is specifically built to suit each face, whether it’s round or angular, big or small, even accounting for a beard if you have one. The company uses a video of your face to plot the topology of your lower-face, while its generative-design algorithm builds the mask’s base, which holds the valves and the HEPA filter that provide you with clean, pure air.

Each mask comes with a 3D printed base, which holds the removable valves, and the washable nonwoven HEPA filters. The masks, by virtue of their custom design, come with a secure fit that doesn’t leave any room for air-leaks (this also means your glasses don’t fog up). Despite its enclosing design, the mask still allows you to communicate freely, as grilles prevent your voice from being muffled, while at the same time, you get the intended security of an N95 face-mask (and a bit more, given that the Nuo filters 99% of all particles), in a design that fits you perfectly – no matter what your age or face-shape!

Designer: LuxMea Studio

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Nuo 3D Mask – Tailored to Fit You by AI & 3D Printing

The Nuo 3D Mask is individually tailored with the help of AI to fit everyone, including kids, so you can wear it comfortably with style. It also comes with replaceable filters to ensure that you are always breathing fresh air.

They use computational design and AI to transform measurements into a bespoke mask that fits you.

3D printed to fit perfectly and rest comfortably on your face with minimum leakage.

Wear Nuo 3D Mask on different occasions.

Nuo 3D Mask fits kid just as well.

Nuo 3D Mask allows you to have an easy conversation over the phone while having the mask on.

Features & Benefits

Their mask is reusable with a replaceable filter system that filters 99% of micropollutant particles, so you can always enjoy the fresh air.

Five layers of filtration

Dual Valve system, ergonomically designed for an easy breathing experience.

Reusable and washable

How Is It Done?

Following their online smart guide, they will take your measurement and generate a bespoke design made just for you. The model will be 3D printed through their trusted partner: Shapeways in NYC and delivered to your door.

Step 1. Take Measurement.

Step 2. Bespoke Design Generation.

Step 3. Your model will be printed through their trusted partner: Shapeways.

Click Here to Buy Now: $99 $130 (30% off). Hurry, only 3/128 left!