The pen that can literally erase stains from clothing


The AEG Ultrasonic Stain Removal Pen isn’t so much a pen as it is an eraser. Designed to remove accidental stains by the very thing it’s named after, the Stain Removal Pen works well on clothes with pen-stains, mud/grass-stains, accidental food spills (even things as tough as coffee/wine-stains), and maybe-not-so-accidental lipstick marks!

The hand-held device delivers ultrasonic vibrations via its tip to whatever it touches. Designed to be used against tough stains, the Stain Removal Pen sends incredibly high-frequency vibrations to the fabric, loosening out the pigment molecules that bind to the fibers. The process involves pouring small portions of detergent water onto the stain, before running the pen across it. The detergent creates a lather that further helps in the stain-removal, while the water absorbs the pigment molecules from the cloth fibers. Repeating the process anywhere from 2-5 times can either completely remove, or highly reduce the presence of the stain on clothes. Using the Ultrasonic Stain Removal Pen as a pre-wash ritual ensures that the pen can break down (and even remove) the stain to a level where the washing machine eliminates it completely. Cheers to the pen that makes our lives painless and stainless!

Designer: AEG