This autonomous Tesla HGV brings ultra-futurism to Elon’s semi dreams

A  Tesla semi-truck with a very Tesla-worthy aesthetics highlighted by the contoured yet sharp design language that in a way reminds me of the iPhone 12!

Tesla’s visionary Semi all-electric truck powered by four independent motors on the rear is scheduled for production in 2022. The semi is touted to be the safest, most comfortable truck with an acceleration of 0-60 mph in just 20 seconds and a range of 300-500 miles. While the prototype version looks absolutely badass, how the final version will look is anybody’s guess.

Industrial and transport designer Jeremy Dodd takes the vision of the Tesla heavy goods vehicle to the next level with the Tesla Autonomous E-Rig semi. This ultra-futuristic Tesla concept identifies the basic problem with HGVs that have an average speed of 50 mph, and have to drive for virtually 9 hours of the day, 5 days a week. This creates an environmental impact, and a pure, purposeful and functional method of hauling heavy goods is the need of the hour. This Autonomous trailer in a way is destined to solve this with even more to make it highly useful.

The HGV has an extendable extension to adapt to the needs of the client, the geographic location, and the nature of the cargo to be hauled. The driving cockpit’s top and the bay of the trailer are solar powered to charge the battery reserve on the go. Further, the regenerative braking system recycles energy from the wheels to the turbines to add to the power reserve.

Tesla Autonomous E-Rig is designed keeping in mind the future of transportation – as the road space is going to get even more cramped. That’s why it has a zero turning radius on all the wheels to make sharp turns or maneuver around in tight spaces without much hassle. There’s just one shortcoming though, it can only haul cargo on top of the trailer, and adding the option to have an enclosed rig will increase its utility ten folds!

Designer: Jeremy Dodd