This fertility tracker works like a traffic light for your family planning

It is hard enough to keep a track of what day it is in quarantine so you can only imagine the confusion to keep a track of our fertility cycles when most of us have lost the concept of how time is passing. That is when a nifty personal gadget like Daysy can really help women continue being in charge of their health.

This is a medical device and a lifestyle fertility tracker so that you can continue to monitor your body’s natural cycles in regards to ovulation and menstruation. Daysy was designed to guide you in differentiating your fertile and infertile days based on. All you have to do is take your basal body temperature under the tongue for 60 seconds and enter any relevant menstrual information. Daysy records this data to define your patterns and makes monitoring as easy as it can be – green light for fertile window and a red light if that window is temporarily closed. Think of it as a traffic light if you’re planning a family!

Daysy features an intelligent algorithm that makes instant results reliable backed by years of scientific experience and technology. Just like any smart tracker, it syncs to your phone and stores all your reports on the Daysy app making it easier to share it with your doctor or your partner if need be. The physical form of this personal device just radiates calm energy and YOU know you NEED that during your ‘lady days’ along with a tub of ice cream.

Daysy is a winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2019.

Designer: Daysy