This is what cabinets and shelves from a parallel universe would look like…

It’s pretty common to take basic things for granted, like the way a spoon looks, or a fork functions – but travel just a few thousand miles east and you’ll find an entire culture of people who don’t use spoons and forks to eat their food. Whether it’s sushi, rice, or even soup, Asians have mastered the art of eating with chopsticks, which serve the same function but look radically different. The point I’m trying to make is that the shape or design of an object, even the most mundane object, is always open to change. Nothing is perfect and everything can be improved or made radically different… Geco Hub brings that philosophy to storage.

The reason I used the word ‘storage’ right now and not ‘cabinet’ is because the word cabinet is limiting, just the way the words spoon or fork are limiting. Geco Hub does what a cabinet or a set of shelves does, but its design approach is refreshing, playful, modular, and is just a creative overhaul of a concept that we’ve taken for granted for thousands of years. Designed as a series of silicone forms (that almost look like an enlarged picture of Velcro), the Geco Hub allows you to store your items in it by just pushing them right in.

In a parallel universe without gravity, we’d probably be surrounded with storage units like the Geco Hub. You see, gravity allows us to simply place items on a horizontal surface, which is almost the fundamental aspect of a cabinet. The Geco Hub, on the other hand, grabs items almost like a pair of hands. Its silicone ‘fingers’ let you store everything from your keys to sunglasses, and from wallets to even post-it notes. The hubs come in a series of modular tiles that you can attach to any type of wall using either screws or adhesive strips. Add as many hubs as you need and you’ve got a wall of storage you can place items on, into, or under. The silicone ‘fingers’ have enough friction to securely hold onto things like keychains, wallets, spectacles, cases, notebooks, and stationery. They come with flaps too that let you secure notes onto them, giving you a wall of storage and functionality – which is unusually pleasing to look at as well as a really good way to declutter spaces.

Perhaps the biggest advantage the Geco Hub has over traditional cabinets is its ability to store things vertically. Unlike cabinets that need more horizontal space to store more items, the Geco Hub doesn’t have that problem. You can just expand the Geco Hub by adding more modular units to it, effectively freeing up your desks and tables by shifting all your belongings to an easy-to-dock, easy-to-clean wall-mounted vertical storage that actually ‘holds onto’ your belongings… I’d imagine the Geco Hub would be pretty useful on the International Space Station too!

Designers: Simon Lyons & Version22

Click Here to Buy Now: $29 $37 ($8 off). Hurry, only 2/177 left!

Geco Hub – Effortless Storage for Everyday Stuff

Store your things five different ways, customize with different colors, tile together to expand and install without screws.

Part storage unit, part notice board, Geco Hub is flexible and adaptable. You can organize your things where you want them, in a way that suits you.

Geco Hub’s patented flexible matrix adapts to instantly and securely hold your things, whatever shape or size they are. It’s quick, fun and intuitive.

What Can You Store In Geco Hub?

Simon demonstrates how Geco Hub can hold a wide variety of different items you might use on a regular basis.

What Sized Items Can Your Store in Geco Hub?

Simon demonstrates just how big an item Geco Hub can hold.

Where You Need Them, When You Need Them

Geco Hub separates your important things from the day-to-day clutter and ensures you never have to search for important stuff again. Whether it’s for your:

– e-book reader and reading glasses by the bed.
– headphones and your running watch by the door.
– your kids’ toys… so you don’t stand on them.
– or your favorite tools for cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

Geco Hub might be small in size but packs the punch of larger organizers, all whilst staying close to the wall, making it perfect for smaller living spaces. Its small size means it can fit on wall spaces other organizers just can’t too.

Installs Effortlessly

Geco Hub installs in minutes with strong, yet removable, adhesive strips (available as an add-on) or using the included screw fixings for something more permanent.

The option of using adhesive strips or screws means you can mount it to tiles, glass, brick walls, plaster walls, wooden furniture and even the side of your fridge.

These optional adhesive strips won’t mark the wall either. If you want to remove them, just pull the tab down and away. They’re strong too, meaning you can fill Geco Hub with up to 2.5kg/5lb of things.

Grows to Suit You

You can tile Geco Hub together to expand your storage space as much as you like.

What’s more, the gap between each Geco Hub becomes another storage space for your things.

Rows, squares, rectangles, zig-zags, a checkerboard. The list of shapes you can make goes on…

All of Geco Hub’s flexible parts are easy to install by hand, without the need for any glue. They can be swapped out at any time.

This means you can create your unique designs.

Click Here to Buy Now: $29 $37 ($8 off). Hurry, only 2/177 left.