This Coffee Table + Stool Set Are As Light & Weightless As They Are Resistant & Strong

One of the most important elements of a home will always be the furniture that’s placed in it. The furniture in a home can either make or break it! The right kind of furniture design can create the essence and soul of a home. And I do feel it’s essential that the soul of our home is a reflection of our own soul. Hence picking furniture pieces that bring out the best in our homes, while authentically representing our personality is a must. You need to pick designs that are fun, sophisticated, and functional. They add an extra spark to your home, without compromising on utility in the least. And the R24 Coffee Table and Stool are a unique furniture duo that would be an excellent addition to your modern home.

Designer: Paula Valentini

Argentinian architect Paula Valentini merged her training and experiences in art and urban planning to design the R24 Coffee Table and Stool. Created for GANDIABLASCO, the two-piece set has a sculptural and almost artistic appeal to it. The architect attempted to explore textile architecture on a smaller scale through the coffee table and stool. “The image of the weightlessness of bodies held in space and the intention to explore structural fabrics became the guiding light of the project. Through R24 I evoke sensations and images like the evanescence of a bailiff’s wing. It is a useful object and it is also a work in space,” said Valentini.

The R24 Coffee Table and Stool are now a part of GANDIABLASCO’s outdoor furniture catalog, although they were initially designed in exchange with the Museum of Contemporary Art of Buenos Aires and its collection of abstraccíon geométrica. The goal was to create lightweight furniture pieces that are also extremely resistant and durable. To achieve this goal, Valentini dematerialized the edges and substructures and avoided brace rings. She provided the furniture designs with ethereal support and imparted them with an appearance of continuity. This, in turn, produced degrees of opacity and creates the image of a kaleidoscopic structure when the stools are stacked upon one another. “The pieces of the R24 series stand out for their open and slender weave and are surprising for their ability to support a weight close to one hundred times their own,” concluded Valentini.