Hanging Towel Dryer Hits a Raw Nerve

I have had so many fights with my husband and kids over wet towels. I mean, how much time does it take to go and hang out your wet used towel for drying? Less than Five Minutes! But No Sireez, they just won’t listen; they heap it up on the bed, floor; worse keep it wet n hanging in the loo. It’s for me to dry those stinky pieces! Wish I had a genie manufacture this Hanging Towel Dryer, which is shaped like a bathroom clothes rail, but is actually an air drier. Drape a wet towel over it, switch it on and in a few minutes or more, you have a warm dry towel! I so love this!

Designer: Seung Jun Jeong

Hanging Towel Dryer by Seung Jun Jeong





  • igendesign says:

    “I mean, how much time does it take to go and hang out your wet used towel for drying?”

    Yes, how much time does it take?

    i don’t understand, if you don’t see any problems, why you must create one?

    further: time absolve this task without using energy (and wo paying for it).

    • Radhika Seth says:

      hi, This is a genuine problem that I face every day, kids very conveniently forget to dry out the towels.
      Where I live, damp towel soon catch this black kinda fungus and literally melt away, especially in the monsoon. So something like this will be handy for folks like me, who can do with one less chore in house. Its not about creating a problem, but about solving it.
      I’m sure economics of adding life to a towel will surpass the cost of drying it using this dryer.

      We do use had dryers don’t we? So why not this?

  • Nathan Pitman says:

    If someone can’t be bothered to hang a towel up to dry then are they really going to hang it on the dryer??? I’m also not convinced this will actually work – the extreme ends of the towel surely don’t have enough proximity to the fan to be effectively dried?

    Nice design but a flawed concept I fear, just goes to show that product designers are not always also inventors.

  • chanchin says:

    maybe it could be used to dry the quilts of the patients who must stay in bed chronically.

  • confucius says:

    The sun was a pretty good invention.

  • Adamski says:

    Only part of the towel will get dry with this, a narrow strip that is close to the fan/rail.

    Heated towel rails have existed for many years, and thy have a convoluted shape to dry the whole towel.

    Best of all of course, is to allow towel to dry naturally without using energy.

  • cornelius says:

    PLEASE type “towel radiator” into google before starting to design. I am getting over 200.000 pictures showing the very convenient solution nearly everyone has where I live. It just replaces the normal radiator in your bathroom.
    And if this device is not so common in your area thats what google is for. It is global you know…

  • M.S.W. says:

    Design looks like it was inspired by those scent emitting toilet paper rollers.

  • Adamski says:

    a scent emitting toilet paper holder M.S.W..

  • Vipin Seth says:

    Where can I buy this & your other products ,

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