Endless hours of gaming? The Zephyr Pro mouse comes with its own inbuilt fan to keep your palms cool

Sweaty palms after an intense round of Fortnite or GTA or whatever it is everyone’s playing these days? Wouldn’t it be nice if your mouse also had a fan to keep your hand cool as you gamed? That’s practically the business pitch of Marsback’s Zephyr Pro gaming mouse.

The Zephyr Pro comes with an ergonomic form and a hollow cage design that makes it lightweight and breathable… but that’s not all. The mouse even comes fitted with its own cooling fan underneath the cage, constantly pushing a breeze of cool air to keep your palms from getting sweaty (Eminem would approve). For added flair, the fan comes with RGB LED backlights, creating a ‘light-show’ that one can only come to expect from gaming hardware.

Designer: Marsback

The Zephyr Pro is the spiritual successor to Marsback’s Zephyr gaming mouse, which garnered support from over 700 backers on Kickstarter around July last year. Touted as a ‘sweatproof’ mouse, the hardware may be targeted towards gamers, but it serves its purpose for pretty much anyone who works long hours (WFH, am I right?) The upgraded design’s made to be quieter and less prone to vibration than its predecessor. It comes with customizable RGB lighting, and is powered by the Pixart 3389 Sensor that gives you a sensitivity range between 100 to 16,000 DPI. You can calibrate the RGB lights and your mouse’s sensitivity to fit your needs, and the Zephyr Pro’s onboard memory remembers your settings every time.

The mouse comes in 2 colors – black or white – although the RGB lights make up by offering 16.8 million colors to choose from (customizable via a software that lets you even create custom key-binds, macros, and profiles). The mouse weighs a mere 65g, making it even lighter than the Makalu 67 – even though that didn’t have a fan, and comes with a durable construction, featuring OMRON switches that are good for 50 million clicks, PTFE footpads that travel smoothly on surfaces without damaging them, and a high-grade paracord cable that’s both durable as well as low-friction, allowing you to glide your mouse across your table with sheer ease.

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