The Bugatti Gangloff concept feels like an aesthetic blast-from-the-past!

Designed as an aesthetic bridge between the Bugatti cars of the 30s (the Bugatti Type 57 in particular), and the Bugatti cars post its acquisition by Volkswagen, the Gangloff sort of feels like a combination of the styles set by Jean Bugatti (son of founder Ettore Bugatti) and Jozef Kabaň, the designer who gave us the iconic Veyron.

The Gangloff is all about retaining and highlighting Bugatti’s soul. Its incredibly curvaceous exterior is a sure-shot hat-tip to the Type 57 (especially in the side-view). The fenders on the front and rear quarter panels come with exaggerated curves, pretty emblematic of cars in the 30s, but the minute you switch to the front or rear view, the car’s modern design becomes pretty evident, especially with the LED lights, racecar-style seats, and the horseshoe radiator on the front that resembles the Veyron. In fact, the car even comes with the C-bar around the gate, a feature that’s practically synonymous with the Bugatti brand today.

Just like the exteriors that definitely feel like a fusion of classic and contemporary, the interiors follow suit too, with leather and metal seats that feel both organic and futuristic at the same time. The car features a pretty modern-looking dashboard that still retains a relatively analog design, with no hint of touchscreen displays and artificially intelligent computers… a feature (or lack thereof) that actually feels nice, given how the Gangloff manages to tap equally into one’s feelings of awe as well as of nostalgia… and it probably runs on gasoline too, because sometimes the classics just work!

Designer: Paweł Breshke Czyżewski (Paul Breshke)