The cleanest, most efficient and oil-saving way to lubricate your bike-chains

Imagine trying to paint a wall with a paint-soaked cloth, versus a paint roller. No points for guessing which one’s more effective, right? The paint-roller perfectly holds and applies the paint in an even, perfect coat, without spilling any onto the floor or without getting your hands dirty. Let’s flip the scenario a bit… imagine doing the same while applying oil to your bike chain. The GREEN DISC offers an easier, faster, more efficient, and less wasteful method of lubricating your bike’s chains in a matter of seconds. Unlike using an oil-soaked rag, your hands, or a squeeze bottle, the GREEN DISC uses a freely rotating lubricator wheel to evenly and efficiently coat your chain with a uniform coat of lubricant, without spilling any oil on the floor, and without getting your hands or clothes dirty.

The GREEN DISC builds on its previous iteration, the LUBRI DISC, which went on to win multiple awards including the German Design Award. The GREEN DISC holds as much as 25% of more oil than its predecessor, and is entirely biodegradable, including its plastic housing, lubricator wheel, as well as the lubricant inside. Applying the lubricant means just holding the roller against a gently rotating chain. A GREEN DISC can lubricate a chain up to 10 times before needing to be replenished with lubricant – and just the way a foam paint roller efficiently uses paint without any wastage, the GREEN DISC does the job without oil dropping to the floor or getting on your hands and clothes. Once done, the disc fits right into its air-tight metal box which you can slip right into your pocket, storing it for another day. Refilling the GREEN DISC from time to time is as simple as popping the lid off, adding a little oil to the lubricator wheel, and clicking the housing together.

Using an oil-carrying roller, in hindsight, sounds like an idea we should have had a long time ago. It’s more effective, less messy, and cheaper in the long run, given that you don’t waste a single drop of oil in the process. Besides, the GREEN DISC is biodegradable, right down to the BIO CHAIN LUBE, a natural lubricant that comes along with each GREEN DISC (although you can use any common chain oil with the disc). Go ahead. Your bike, hands, and white tee shirts will thank you!

Designers: Jorg Neugebauer & Kai Wiehagen

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GREEN DISC – Lubricate your Bike Chain in Seconds

A new chapter in eco-friendly and convenient bike care. The GREEN DISC lubricates your bike chain in seconds without dirtying your fingers. It’s small, refillable and easy to handle – Just let it roll.

Hold the GREEN DISC between your fingers, press it slightly onto your chain and let your crank rotate backwards. Lubrication is now fully automatic. Two to three turns – that’s it.

The freely rotating lubricator wheel is an applicator and lubricant reservoir in one. It applies just the right amount of lubricant your chain needs while absorbing fine metal abrasion.

How Does It Work

While rotation, the soft lubricator wheel adapts to the shape of the chain and lets the stored lube penetrate between the plates and over the rollers up to the pins. Once filled, its capacity is sufficient to lube your bike chain up to ten times.

A Product for a Lifetime

The GREEN DISC can be easily refilled and has an unlimited lifespan. The lubricator wheel is interchangeable & biodegradable. It is made from natural raw materials – without any plastics.

The Ecological Power Pack

Their BIO CHAIN LUBE protects your chain as well as the environment. With components based on plants and degradable additives it is eco-friendly and easily biodegradable without missing excellent wear protection. Its extremely good adhesive power and guarantees a low-noise and smooth running of your chain.

No oil splashes around, no oil leaks when you carry the GREEN DISC in your pocket. Move it, shake it – nothing will happen.

With GREEN DISC You Save Up To 90% Chain Lube

With GREEN DISC no oil flows into the rag, no oil splashes around. No harmful substances get into the soil and groundwater. Less pollution, more riding pleasure.

A Proven Concept. Refined.

GREEN DISC is the further development of the LUBRI DISC, which has just won the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2020 for its innovative functionality. The GREEN DISC works according to the same technological concept, but offers 25% more storage volume for your lube, saves raw materials by a new locking mechanism and is therefore even more environmentally friendly!

Tech Facts

– Works with all bicycle chains
– Refillable
– Unlimited life span
– Works with all common low to medium viscosity oils
– Not suitable for waxes and solvent-based lubricants
– Dimensions: approx. 68 x 20 mm (2.5 x 0.75 inch)
– Weight: 40 gram (1.4oz)
– Interchangeable & biodegradable lubricator wheel – offered as replacement.

Click Here to Buy Now: $23