Dare To Dream Luxury?

Recession time over or not, you need to pull up your socks and work your butt to afford the sweet luxuries of life. The happy Brady Bunch here makes no bones of the fact that their Vivace26 Concept Speed Boat is only for the Haves; poor folks be damned! The two-seater high-speed luxury vessel, boasts of specs that take into account technology advances that have already been discovered and developed.

V12 TDI diesel engines from the Audi Rio Lemans Prototype and using Arneson surface drives as propulsion, the Vivace 26 can produce up to 650 horsepower and can touch speeds of 80+ knots. The Vivace 26 features a fully convertible top, joystick steering, steering, OLED display screens and hull stabilizers.

A unique feature in the design is the hull, which has Stabilizers to channel the water from the bow to the stern. This allows the boat to “grab” onto the water when traveling at high speeds.

Anyone Tempted?

Designers: Garret Miller, Heather Witkop, David Robinson, Matt Wysenski, Thomas Wright & Julian Romero

Vivace26 Luxury Speed Boat by Garret Miller, Heather Witkop, David Robinson, Matt Wysenski & Julian Romero