Dare To Dream Luxury?

Recession time over or not, you need to pull up your socks and work your butt to afford the sweet luxuries of life. The happy Brady Bunch here makes no bones of the fact that their Vivace26 Concept Speed Boat is only for the Haves; poor folks be damned! The two-seater high-speed luxury vessel, boasts of specs that take into account technology advances that have already been discovered and developed.

V12 TDI diesel engines from the Audi Rio Lemans Prototype and using Arneson surface drives as propulsion, the Vivace 26 can produce up to 650 horsepower and can touch speeds of 80+ knots. The Vivace 26 features a fully convertible top, joystick steering, steering, OLED display screens and hull stabilizers.

A unique feature in the design is the hull, which has Stabilizers to channel the water from the bow to the stern. This allows the boat to “grab” onto the water when traveling at high speeds.

Anyone Tempted?

Designers: Garret Miller, Heather Witkop, David Robinson, Matt Wysenski, Thomas Wright & Julian Romero

Vivace26 Luxury Speed Boat by Garret Miller, Heather Witkop, David Robinson, Matt Wysenski & Julian Romero









  • Global shape of this powerboat is interesting, but I would never go at 80 knots in it : no harness, no fin to stabilize the hull…….
    Simply too hazardous with this configuration – sorry 🙁

  • A couple of things, first the chines are too soft it will slide around and be about as stable as a scared snake. The other part is the very pretty green house canopy, you got a sauna there as well as a reverb chamber of major proportions. Riding or driving this thing would be in short order like having a big un-muffled v8 in a sauna with you. Pretty but fails on the reality level.

  • DaLk says:

    It’s far from being the first blattant “automotive coffin” around here. there should be a “Suicide Car/boat/plane” section 🙂

  • mif991 says:

    If I were rich (and I am not even close) I want to enjoy the sun and the wind in my face. Current designs achieve enough speed to my hearts content, so the only appeal for this auto-speed-boat is its looks. Sorry but this thing looks like a GM/Buick project.

    • Garret says:

      During the research stage, we wanted to discover the sociological reasoning behind the purchasing power of a high end luxury design. We came across a quote from the CEO of Bentley, that said, somewhere on the lines of, “I buy my cars based on what I wished I had when I was 18”. We targeted the age group of who buys super cars, and looked at the cultural aspects of that time frame. So a Buick/Gm project is perfectly applicable in this sense. If you recall the 1985 Buick Wildcat Concept, this is what the buyers were dreaming at the time, and now they finally have the money to buy it today, with the cutting technology aspects of today which appeals to today’s crowd.

      The closed roof was a decision made to create a different market,to keep the exclusivity. Think of a high end tender….

      • mif991 says:

        “Looks like a Buick” is not a complement. Now if you want to target the super-rich and you want it to look automotive then target the Buccatti Veiron, Bentleys or similar. But find a way to get it to work like a convertible. Best of luck.

      • I would highly suggest you review all of Riva’s product if you want to go after the high end tender market. I also suggest you pay a lot more attention to what a hull should look like. The rehabilitates of heat and noise in a close top design should answer the question of “why has it not been done before”.

  • This one should give you panorama, speed and wind in your face, on top deck 😉


    • mif991 says:

      Sylvain, the Organik I am sure it can be appointed with the utmost luxury and probably will go as fast as I want. But it falls short of looking like a million and it is not futuristic/different. You need to work on your surfaces which are currently too squared and uninspired. The side view is awkward and your color theme underwhelming. Keep developing/refining it. Good effort.

  • Margot says:

    Sweet looking craft.

  • Brennan says:

    Holy top heavy Batman!

    It doesn’t roll to the side when in the water?

    Maybe get it past the Bunkspeed Hypershot stage and make some scale mocks for hydrodynamics testing…

  • Blue says:

    Looks like a spaceship. And the stuff on the bottom to “grab the water” would just add a ton of wetted surface area = slow down…. Cool looking renderings, but I don’t think the design would fly functionally or aesthetically

  • Confucius says:

    Mmm no good for me either, as mif991 said you need the wind in your face.
    It shows strongly that these designers have spent little time on the water.
    Its a nice but extremely impractical design. For instance, where are you supposed to get in? Considering a vessel this large will need to be docked at a marina.

  • Bob says:

    Flight of the Navigator is all that I can think of.


  • boats yachts says:

    good post – Sven – boat engineer student Norway

  • stephen russell says:

    Id sail this big time, radical, need one for Kona HI charter

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