Information Ring

This product is designed to exchange basic information with new people in the first meeting by shaking hands. The most essential part of a nomadic life is frequent travel, and nowadays, people are traveling more often and more easily. Increasing opportunities to travel indicate increasing opportunities of meeting new people, and expanding your social network.

Shaking hands is a customary greeting action. Handshake brings the action one step further by creating an information transfer function. Handshake operates when people first meet and shake hands, and the rings on their fingers gain the proximity to operate. The rings exchange the users’ information and store it while the users are shaking hands. The more people met, the more information transferred. When the users browse through the people they have met, the card displays the basic information that was stored in the ring. The power source originates from the human body temperature, so no plug is required.

Designer: Hideaki Matsui


  • Nice invention 🙂

  • Luke says:

    This is a really nice concept just like a personal contact card but virtual, it will always seem odd when you give out cards specially made with your contact details on to people you just meet. Completly un-intrusive only thing is everyone needs one to make the invention valuable and therfore hard to start off the concept into many people lives.

  • T-1000 says:

    Just a few questions: How much information can these rings store; Can they be emptied; Cand they become self aware and be able to search for Sarah Connor themselves or do I still have to do that?

  • Veeresh iv says:

    hello first and for most let me congratulate for the innovation even i was also working towards your innovation but after seeing yours ….. that is really great can u tell me more about the product

  • Brian says:

    Sounds more like Big Brother where art thou than an useful concept. I’m not sure I want to exchange my personal info with everyone who own this ring.

  • egroeg says:

    how about wrist watches instead of rings?

  • R031E5 says:

    Hi, John Anderton *handshake*, nice to meet you

    Nice concept 😉

  • shane says:

    great concept. i can see it making business cards a thing of the past.

  • jdq says:

    how much is it and how can i get it and it won,t kil me right?

  • ty says:

    i think it looks cool but how much is it going to set me back and when does it come out

  • grey_241 says:

    when is it coming out?

  • ikeem says:

    how much is the ring? where can i find it? where can i buy it? i like the product.

  • ken says:

    Its a pretty cool invetion but honestly
    there are a bunch of weirdos out
    there that i wouldnt want to give my personal info to
    and you know they would be the first to get it..
    in a perfect world this would be great 🙂

  • Ronen says:

    With the work i do i need this ring. it would help alot especially with how forgetful i am. ” whats that number again? oh yeah ill check the ring.”

  • Paul says:

    Love this idea. make it sync to my phone via bluetooth and ditch the business card piece of hardware and you have a winner that I would like to see on business peoples hands. This is an environmental winner as well if you manufacture it right. think of all the paper that normally goes into business cards that would be saved. However, give something back to the print community and allow for some graphics to be added for interst and corporate identity. Fantastic job.

  • Neat idea. Is this still a concept or a technology in the works? Or is it already finished?

  • Esmond says:

    I dunno if I should be annoyed or what. What’s with people who come in and go “I love this product!!! Where can I get it?” This is a design website where we share ideas and concepts, not a catalouge site. If they like something, Google it. Can’t find it? Contact the designer. Sheesh…

    Anyway, its an amazing concept! Unfortunately I don’t think we’ll see that tmr morning though. Someday maybe.

  • gabe says:

    Thiss is a sick invention, very useful

  • gabe says:

    Thiss is a sick invention, very useful

  • A 60 inch sofa would not even qualify as a LOVESEAT!!

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