The MESH seating combines colorful furniture design with brutalism

The MESH seating is all about playing with contrasts to create something that’s useful yet beautiful to look at. Take for instance the fact that its base is voluminous and heavy, while the seat itself is a light wireframe, or that the base is dull and gray, while its seat exudes a sense of vibrance and color. The MESH seating comes with a wrought-metal upper that plugs onto a concrete block to combine (and contrast) two visual styles). Perfect for the outdoors, the MESH is equal parts tough-looking yet inviting – a perfect combination of fun playfulness and brutalism.

There’s a certain simplicity to how the MESH is constructed, with a powder-coated metal wireframe that plugs into a tapered-cylindrical concrete base. The unusual combination creates a contrasting visual, and casts a series of wonderful shadows are, in themselves, pieces of art. Designed with ergonomic considerations, the seating are actually pretty comfortable, although your eyes seem deceived by the use of metal and concrete. Besides, with those gorgeously eye-popping colors, who wouldn’t want to sit on them – even if it’s just for the ‘Gram!

Designers: Anurag Sharma, Nishant Jonathan & Pravinsinh Solanki.