Frozen Fishes In Ice

I love the illusion that the Ice Cube tank proposes; imagine the stunned expressions when people discover that the cube is an ice deception and that your fishes are swimming in safe waters. A clever perception and very Fred ‘n Friends kinda design; got to hand it to Arthur for making us look at the lighter side of life!

Designer: Arthur Xin (SE Xin)


  • Quintin Smits says:

    Very cool idea! Are these going to be made and sold or is it still in the concept phase?

  • Arthurxin says:

    Hi Quintin Smits, it’s in the concept phase, I’ll try to make it true.

  • James says:

    Would they be real fish you’d use? If so in the UK at least these would be illegal as the tanks are far far too small. On an ethical note, to have even one fish in such a small tank with nothing in it would be cruel. However, if you had a few cubes together in whatever shape that connected into one larger tank, but only looks like lots of separate cubes together, that could start to work, but again, as long as you had things inside it like plants and things for the fish to hide behind. That’s without talking about filtering systems and such. Great idea as a concept, but unless you use fake fish, you might need to do some more research into it as fish are not as easy to keep as one might think.

  • Ethan says:

    Love the idea! Very nice

    However those ice cubes are too small… there are some ethical issues that comes in when dealing with live animals.

    The idea of having several cubes together could allow for a larger aquarium, and hence have 2 or maybe 3 fishes, ideally a species that live well in small spaces.

    I can see this as a hugely successful aquarium for Betta Splendens and the like!

  • Jalaludin Salleh says:

    Well the ice cube tank is perfect for micro prawn and I love to get one as soon as it is developed. Work of art athurxin. Nice one

  • Karen says:

    I think these would be really cool for Bettas. Any other fish though, would likely be very unhappy in them because of the size. But even if you create them with fake fish inside, they could be like paper weights that I have seen with molded colored glass (that look like fish, but less realistic looking). I’m sure they would still be conversation pieces, even with artificial fish! Could always do something with the aquabot type fish too. If made for Bettas, I certainly would want one!

  • Jorge says:

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  • Mara Siva says:

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