Glass-half-full kinda cutlery

If illusions help curb excess consumption and reduce wastage, so be it! Studio Playfool’s conceptual cutlery is designed to trick users into feeling like they’re eating a large portion of food when it’s just half of what they’re actually consuming. Dietitians have been long employing similar techniques to make people cut down on unhealthy food, but Studio Playfool’s Half/Full was designed to make a much more direct visual statement.

They say with time the population will only increase and going by how we as a species have already exhausted the Earth’s allocated resource budget for this year (we did so on the 2nd of August), unnecessary consumption needs to, and will probably out of dire desperation, stop. The Half/Full was designed as a way to “future-proof our appetites”. Obviously these aren’t going to be sitting in our homes on our tables any time soon, but I can only pray that it doesn’t come to that!

Designer: Studio Playfool